How the hospitality sector can capitalise on a summer of sport

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on the hospitality sector. Whilst people in the UK, and around the world, were unable to leave their homes, they found innovative ways to continue to enjoy the comforts they were used to. Home bars, outdoor living areas and popular food recipes caused habits that stuck for a few years.

Just as the UK came out of the pandemic, the economy was hit hard with what we now know as the cost-of-living crisis. For venues, not only do customers have less disposable income, but operating costs are higher than ever. Utilities, perishable goods and staff costs continue to increase, leading the sector to be under a lot of financial pressure.

According to’s Q2 2024 member’s survey, 70% of venues saw a reduction in profit, 50% are breaking even or operating at a loss, and 1-in-4 have no cash reserves, painting a bleak picture for the industry.

However, there is hope. Despite less disposable income, the public still choose to go to pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, and cafes to enjoy fun, celebration and social connection.

With that being said, 2024 provides an opportunity for sustained success over the summer, thanks to Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games.

There’s no doubt that expectations are high for Gareth Southgate’s England team at this summer’s Euros in Germany, given the recent tournament consistency of the team. The success of the national side could be huge for the hospitality sector, and millions of us will flock to local pubs and bars to watch matches with our friends, colleagues and family.

For these kinds of venues, paid social services are a brilliant way to capitalise on. It allows you to be reactive, secure table bookings and highlight new menu items that customers can enjoy. But how?

Conversion-focused objectives

Venues should ensure their website is ready for increased demand this summer, by having a booking system that allows customers to secure tables online.

If this is in place, we are able to create ads that will be solely focused on this goal, giving you peace of mind throughout the summer. For customers, it makes sense to book online as it provides security when making plans – these factors are vital in ensuring your venue remains busy in the upcoming months.

Reactive content

What better way to showcase the personality of your venue, than to show your human side in your marketing? Paid social promotion allows you to amplify this message to a target audience of those near your venue, to ensure that it is seen by people who are likely to take a visit. For example, if your venue has an outdoor seating area, this could be a huge deciding factor in those hoping to take advantage of hot summer weather.

Accurate targeting

I alluded to this in the previous paragraph, but the targeting parameters available on social platforms ensures that ad promotions we run are seen by a relevant audience.

Ultimately, there is no point in having a UK-wide campaign for a pub or bar in Dorset. On Meta, there are options that include ringfencing (ensuring your ads are seen by people in a specific area) and further customisations, such as people who live-in, or have recently been in said specific area.

This allows you to ensure your ads are seen by tourists in your local area, for example – giving guidance that will inform their itineraries.

How can I get started?

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