How PR has played a major role in the growth of fitness brands

Never underestimate the importance and power of a Fitness PR strategy. For brands to maintain a positive public image they need PR to help them maintain awareness, which in turn helps facilitate sales and growth.

Indeed, a PR strategy can be critical to the success of a small business, especially when they are just starting out. The fitness industry is overcrowded but consumers will always be drawn to fitness brands if they can see that the product or service is having a positive impact on people’s lives.

Here we look at three success stories of fitness brands who have used PR to maximise their exposure.

  1. Joe Wicks- The power of social media

From starting out in his flat in West London, in the space of just five years, Joe Wicks aka “The Body Coach” has been transformed into one of the most recognisable names in the world of fitness.

He has been called the man with the million-dollar muscles and Joe is now at the helm of his fat loss business empire that employs 50 people and made £12million last year.

In 2014, he started uploading motivational content about fitness and nutrition and he has since gone on to release multiple number-one-selling cookbooks, bestselling fitness DVD’s and has amassed some 2.3 million followers on his Instagram channel.

He has transformed the lives of thousands across the world through his “Lean in 15” videos but Joe’s business empire has grown off the back of his social media success. It’s allowed Joe to build up a strong community of loyal followers who’ve made his content viral and built The Body Coach brand into what we know it today.

  1. LDN Muscle- Sharing success stories

After starting out on the Exton’s family kitchen table in 2012, LDN Muscle has gone from strength to strength in the last six years, to the point where they are now turning over £1.5million annually. The business, which was set up by twins Tom and James Exton and brothers Max and Lloyd Bridger, started out as a blog, but downloadable fitness guides soon followed helping to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe.

Their success was born through the individuals who successfully transformed their lives through the downloadable e-guides and the consistent national coverage on the likes of the Mail Online, Mirror Online, Sun Online, which highlighted the success stories of their customers, ultimately helping to position them as the market leaders in their sector.

LDN Muscle have expanded into apparel, education through the launch of the LDNM PT Academy, they have a trusted supplements range as well as a number one selling fitness app.

  1. MuscleFood- Cross promotional activity

In 2017, MuscleFood surpassed £100m in sales – which is highly impressive for a brand which only launched in 2013. PR has played an important part in that growth with consistent national media coverage ensuring that the brand stays at the front of consumer minds. However, what MuscleFood have done well is promote their services with other brands operating in the fitness sector.

This tactic not only enables both brands to gain access to the database and social media channels of the other but, in doing so, it also allows both businesses to gain a greater level of exposure amongst a new audience.

MuscleFood has carried out cross-promotional activity with brands in the running events sector and protein market, as well as with gyms and online personal trainers. MuscleFood always offer strong promotional discounts and competition prizes when it does this type of activity. MuscleFood has, through cross-promotional activity such as this, been able to gain a very strong presence on social media, including 280K followers on Instagram.

Ultimately, to help your business grow you need to tell a story and a well-thought-out Fitness PR strategy is the best way to do that. Good PR helps construct and create a brand identity which people trust. When PR is executed properly, success will soon follow. Contact our team of Fitness PR specialists today to find out how we can support you.

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