How PR can help increase retail listings

The food & drink category is becoming more competitive than ever before, as a result, so is securing retail listings. From fridges to shelf space, retailers constantly have to make stocking decisions. With space at a premium, how do you get in front of buyers and ensure your products get a look in?

There’s one beneficial strategy that many brands overlook when it comes to gaining retail listings – PR. If you create organic consumer demand for a product, retailers have no choice but to supply the shelf space you’re looking for.

In this article we explore three PR tactics you can use to drive consumer demand for food and drink products to help make your case to buyers and increase your retail presence.


Building hype and desire around your products is a must and can be achieved by getting your product seen in the right places at the right time. Strategic PR placement is crucial across the right channels. Whether it’s making sure your product reaches the right enthusiasts, is featured in the right publication, or recommended by the right expert – all play their part in creating ‘hype’ around a product.

A strategic PR plan will create relevancy for your brand and products that ,over time, will convert to consumer demand and ultimately, sales.


When buyers see consumers championing your product, it gives them confidence that your product will sell in store – and that’s why creating a community of brand ambassadors is so important.

Work with the right influencer advocates, people that are genuinely passionate about your brand already and co-create. Whether it’s content or product, consumers will respond to authentic partnerships and the passion will shine through.

Although there has always been a level of scepticism surrounding celebrity partnerships, the right individual that is the right fit for your brand will yield strong results. Celebrity ambassadors bring big exposure and credibility and in some cases, can even drive sell out scenarios.


Food and drink products must be tasted to be believed. Creative gifting can be a powerful tool to ensure your product stands out. Find creative, engaging ways to gift your product and get people interacting and trialling them on and offline. Word of mouth recommendations are a powerful sales tool and help to increase consumer demand.

If you’re looking for a strategic PR plan to help support your retail listings, get in touch today.

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