How brands can leverage beauty trends to drive impact on social

Social media is quickly becoming as much as a platform for discovery and inspiration, and it is for escapism and entertainment. In fact, Sprout Social recently reported that 44% of people prefer to learn about new products through short video content and 87% of marketers have reported increased sales from video marketing.  

In the beauty industry specifically, brands are in a good position to leverage social media to place themselves in front of consumers by using trending content and audio in their marketing strategies. This blog post breaks down our top tips on how brands can leverage beauty trends to make an impact on social. 

Find your niche  

Not very trend on social is right for every brand, when developing a social first strategy it’s important to first look at where your brand fits in the market. Who are your consumers? What other media do they consume? Who do they follow?  

Once you have established where your brand fits within the beauty landscape you can then seek out trends that fit within this. By finding your niche you can also help ensure your post resonate with your audience increasing engagement and brad retention. 

Be reactive  

The trend cycle on social is rapidly changing and as such it’s vital that brands keep a pulse on what is trending on social. Brands need to be reactive with their contact, jumping on trends quickly can position brands within trending conversations helping to expand content reach. To help advertisers and marketers keep on top of trending topics, platforms such as TikTok and Pinterest have developed their own insight centres allowing you to view and monitor trends relevant for your brand for each platform. 

Collaborate with creators  

Creators are another brilliant way for brands to engage with trending content. Creators are on the pulse of trending content that is relevant to their audiences. By collaborating with creators that fit within your audience’s niche on a long-term basis, brands can be integrated into trading content in an organic and authentic way. Depending on contractual agreements creator content can also be used on organic channels or within paid social strategies  

Leverage with paid media  

Social media is a pay-to-play landscape were cutting through the noise with a purely organic-focused strategy is incredibly difficult. In the already highly competitive beauty space, brands can use data-led paid social campaigns to amplify the reach of their social-first content at scale, activating users through the funnel.

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