How an effective PR campaign can position your brand as an innovator

In recent years, the conversation regarding concussion in sport has become a key talking point. From rugby to boxing, there’s constant debate around what can be done to protect professional athletes from brain injury.

With this important issue in mind, Welsh-based technology company Sports & Wellbeing Analytics (SWA) developed a revolutionary solution to measure and monitor all impacts incurred by an athlete to their head.

By communicating how this cutting-edge piece of technology could be applied to improve athlete wellbeing and performance, we helped position the intelligent mouthguard surveillance system as an innovator when it came to head injuries in elite sport. This resulted in their unique solution PROTECHT now being implemented at a number of high-level rugby clubs including Harlequins, Leicester Tigers, Gloucester Rugby and Ospreys.

Drawing on insight from SWA, we look at some of the key factors that make a PR campaign effective in positioning your brand as an innovator.

Always communicating consistent, ‘best in class’ key messages:

It doesn’t matter what product or solution you are behind… there will always be competition! It’s therefore crucial that you are clear in the key messages you wish to communicate, and that these key messages reinforce your USPs and a ‘best in class’ reputation. For Sports & Wellbeing Analytics, for example, that is the real-time and incredibly precise nature of the live data they collect and send to their partners. It’s important therefore that this message is consistently communicated via media briefings, press releases, interviews and conversations with influential journalists – in order for that ‘best in class’ message to shine through in any media coverage.

Developing relationships with key media and responding quickly to the news agenda:

One effective way of showcasing yourself as an innovator is to be seen as a fast, reliable source for comment and opinion by your contacts in the media. Being proactive by knowing what journalists are going to be covering and having an awareness of likely talking points throughout the calendar year, will enable you to react quickly to relevant news stories and position your key company spokespeople as voices of authority in their field and reinforce the notion that you’re ahead of the curve. This is something we’ve done to great effect with Sports & Wellbeing Analytics, who are regularly sought out to comment on news stories relating to player welfare and concussion in sport.

Highlighting a regular stream of new partners:

In order to create and maintain your position as an innovator, you need to be highlighting the partners you’re working with – including regular updates and new announcements as and when they signed. Forging a strong relationship with the business and trade press – in Sports & Wellbeing Analytics’ case the influential UK and international sports trade media – will ensure your brand is seen by those with vested interests in your industry, and front of mind when they’re considering innovative companies to invest in or work with in the future.

Maximising strong case studies:

Strong case studies are what can bring a company’s work to life and highlight its tangible impact on the performance of a business, a team or an individual. Sports & Wellbeing Analytics have provided us with one especially compelling case study, which encapsulates all of the key messages we aim to convey about their PROTECHT solution: Premiership Rugby champions Harlequins. By working closely with the Harlequins comms, medical and playing department, we’ve secured some incredible testimonial coverage which outlines the transformative effect PROTECHT has had on player welfare and performance, and which credits PROTECHT for playing a major role in their charge to a first Premiership title in nine years last season.

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