Greenwashing in the medical devices sector | How companies can stand out from the crowd

There are often a number of sustainability-related claims made by medical device companies. These include terms like reduced carbon footprint, recyclability, superior infection prevention and lower costs. However, for medical device professionals, balancing the products in terms of effectiveness and sustainability can be daunting with trade-offs often needing to occur.

What is greenwashing?

Many different types of greenwashing exist, including the overuse of environmental imagery, misleading labelling, hidden trade-offs and irrelevant claims. For example, in the medical sector, the term “biodegradable’ may be used to describe materials used in production. Although this means the material used will break down, it often fails to determine under what conditions and what into.

Still, there are exciting changes occurring in the sector with an increasing number of manufacturers beginning to focus on reducing their environmental impacts. Today we take a look at some of the most exciting sustainable companies rising to the top of the sector.

How can medical device companies be more sustainable?

It is important to understand that becoming “green” in the medical device sector can pose a bit of a challenge. Whilst there are many opportunities including renewability, degradability and low-emission production. In reality, materials for medical devices needs to first be able to do the job they intend to do. This means substances cannot always be replaced for more sustainable ones, and this leaves medical device companies to look for alternative ways to be more sustainable. This can often lead to reports of “greenwashing.”

However, there are still ways that companies can be more sustainable. For example, they can focus on consuming less energy in there manufacturing process, and reduce the reliance on non sustainable packaging solutions.

Medical devices companies making an impact.

Although, many medical device companies are still behind in their ESG obligations, some are making huge strides. Today we take a look at a few companies who are leading the way in sustainability measures.

Owen Mumford

Owen Mumford are the first company on our list to raise the bar. They have recently become B-Corp accredited which shows that have met the highest standards of environmental and social impact. In addition, sustainability threads throughout their strategic goals with a recent sustainability report showing great progress across key themes. This includes a reduction of 24,000 mile reduction in transport through their supply chain as well as a 27.3% reduction in carbon emissions.

Neotech products.

Neotech are a company that have a steep history in the production of medical products. Based in the US, they manufacture all of their products from materials sourced in their homeland. In addition, they only work work with an approved list of US based vendors. This allows them to follow strict quality control protocols.

There website also points out that they monitor quality control at every step of the process ensuring they can provide the highest-quality neonatal and pediatric products on the market. In addition, they are another B-corp certified company which demonstrates there commitment to the environment despite their core products being disposable.

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