International Women’s Day: Shelley Frosdick

March is a fantastic month for women. With International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th and the whole month celebrating Women’s History, we wanted to place a spotlight on all the inspiring, talented and accomplished women that we have in our senior leadership team at The PHA Group.

For our third female spotlight we spoke to Shelley Frosdick, The PHA Group’s Divisional Managing Director, Consumer and Third Sector. Find out more about her journey below.

Shelley Frosdick, Group Managing Director

What brought you to the PR world?

In my last year at University I attended an event organised by the CIPR that was an introduction to the PR industry. I loved what I heard and saw a career path that would support my love of news, brands and talking.

My first role out of University was as an in-house PR assistant at the Environment Agency. After 18 months I moved agency side and haven’t looked back since. I absolutely love the variety of agency life and have been lucky enough to work with some incredible clients and colleagues during that time.

What would you say is your biggest achievement?

Growing the Consumer and Third Sector division, from just me to 20 amazing PR professionals that continue to flourish and expand. I’m incredibly proud of the team and the first class work they deliver for clients. I’m excited about what the future holds for the whole team and how we can continue to grow and deliver exceptional work for our clients.

For any person you interview, what do you look for?

Someone who can bring a different perspective, is a great culture fit, loves the industry and lives and breathes the media. Recruiting new talent always offers an opportunity to bring in people who can offer a new way of thinking and I want recruits at any level to feel that they have a valid opinion they can share and be listened to. We all want to keep learning, and I want to surround myself with people who can continue to learn from – no one knows it all.

You are also appointed Director of Culture – could you tell us why this role is important to you and the agency?

Having been at The PHA Group for nearly 15 years I have seen the agency evolve significantly. The one element that has always remained a constant is the fabulous culture we have. The challenge we face, as do many other agencies, is how we maintain that as we continue to grow. Being asked to lead the team that delivers on the many elements of culture across the business is something I am incredibly grateful for. It has allowed me to spend time with colleagues from across the business and devise strategies and initiatives that for our wonderful employees.

If you could go back and give your 20-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

Stop drinking Snakebite – you will regret it when you leave University! And on a more serious note, trust your gut and have confidence in yourself that you will make the right decision. Don’t fear what might happen, just go for it and know that you are good enough.

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