Employee benefits platforms: Five of the best

In the past two years, the world of work has gone through some changes. From the pandemic and lockdowns to now the current climate of the cost-of-living crisis and energy crises, there has been a shift in employees’ expectations regarding the benefits they receive.

Employee benefits offer a way to attract and retain employees through contributions towards improving wellbeing, encouraging achievements, values and skills, boosting morale and contributing to overall work-life balance. Globally, one in four employees expects employers to provide well-being benefits as they view them as a very important aspect of work.

Today, we look at five benefit platform companies that are leading the way and providing benefits solutions for employers to give employees.


International brand Xexec caters for customers across the UK, USA and Europe by providing employees with rewards and recognition, benefits, discounts and concierge services for large corporations. Building relationships with some of the world’s leading brands such as EE, JP Morgan and Santander, Xexec has been pioneering discount and concierge services for businesses for 20 years.

Through the platform, customers can receive discounts through a range of brands such as Harrods, Apple, Zara and Expedia. This flexible and client-focused company recently was acquired by HR technology and employee engagement company Reward Gateway to continue to drive expansion.


Newer to the scene, Juno provides benefits, workplace health and wellbeing programmes and support that helps employees both in the workplace and in their personal lives. With the belief that when people have the power to experience well-being the way they choose with the tools they love, they can do their best work and change the future of the business they do.

Employees can choose what benefits they want to receive by using credits issued by their workplace. Some providers that are accessible to employees to choose from are Bloom & Wild, Barry’s Bootcamp and Detox Kitchen. This flexible and innovative company recently raised £3 million in funding which will be used to refine the product and create additional services for further expansion.


This fully flexible employee experience app combines employee perks, wellness programs, rewards and savings for companies to give their employees. Vivup has been working with small and large organisations to help both the business and its employees feel the benefit by providing them with a fresh approach to worthwhile benefits and improving workplace culture, financial and mental wellbeing.

This award-winning wellbeing and employee benefits provider specialises in mental, physical and financial support for employees and is trusted by over 550 public and private sector organisations. The business has recently completed a management buyout supported by Omni Partners and this investment will be used to further expand Vivup’s offering to companies across the UK.

Bravo Benefits

Bravo Benefits is an all-in-one benefits platform that offers employee benefits, childcare vouchers, reward recognition programs, security management and fintech services. This company makes it a priority to constantly innovate and adapt to the new challenges that arise in the employee benefits landscape by listening to the needs of employers and their staff.

Through the platforms this company offers, employers can build a tailored package that is suitable to the business which their employees can access through a digital platform, which is easy for remote, hybrid or onsite workers to connect.

Hawk Incentives

Part of the Blackhawk Network of businesses, Hawk Incentives have been changing the game with employee benefits for over 20 years. This company designs implements and manages rewards-based benefit packages for other businesses.

Partnering with top brands such as Argos, eBay, and Tesco, Hawk Incentives delivers branded payment programs which help meet challenging business objectives. By collaborating with these partners, this innovative company can deliver a full portfolio of comprehensive services to support the success of businesses and their employees.

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