Elevate the impact of your event

Elevate the impact of your event

Following a disruptive few years, In-person events are kicking off up and down the country. With this comes the ability for brands to get their products directly into the hands of their audience, helping drive sales and brand awareness.

To get the most out of your event, a successful PR strategy is important. Not only can it drive sales and business leads, but it can also create awareness and secure press coverage. Therefore, it is crucial to plan effectively to maximize visibility before, during, and after the event.

With the season now in full flow, we have put together some tips on how to create a strategic PR plan around your event to help maximise your return on investment from your events plan.

Get planning, use data and build audiences

To truly elevate the impact of your event, getting a thorough understanding of your audience is key. Think about the type of customers you have and break it down into different advertising sets.

Broadly speaking, start by building your target customers. Those who are most likely to respond to your product at the event. This could include various demographics such as age, location and income. In addition, consider interests that give you an understanding of how they may respond to certain types of communications.

Consequently, break you target customers into smaller more concise data sets and determine where and how these customer might discover you. You should consider what publications they read or what websites they browse. This will increase the odds of you finding the right people and getting their attention.

Tailor your content and messaging.

Once your audiences are established, you should focus on creating bespoke content for each target. By varying the content in the lead-up to your event you can appeal to a much wider audience.

It is important to remember that events can be about more than just product sales. Profiling your company’s spokespeople as thought leaders through columns, Q&A and interviews can help align your brand with current topics. Specifically, the event themes that you feel confident talking about.

In addition, create collaborative content, specialised features and articles through leveraging relationships with event partners, speakers and sponsors. Finally, consider arranging interviews with your target media publications during the event and ensure you keep your

Be creative.

Being original is not always easy in the world of PR. Coming up with new and exciting ideas can be difficult whether it’s for social media, design or writing. The important piece is to ensure you are conveying the right message to the right audience clearly and concisely.

Subsequently, you can then develop your messaging into a workable, multi-channel strategy to captivate the audience you are targeting via the various platforms at your disposal.

Ultimately, creativity is subjective, but ensuring the unifying theme is prominent across all platforms gives your message the best chance of cutting through the noise.

Consider outsourcing your communications.

If you decide you need support in handling your company’s event PR, ensure you get one that can proactively lead your strategy and content development. Here at The PHA Group we have experience in leading creative, data-driven communications strategies for several clients. Examples of our work can be found here. Our strengths include leveraging relationships with stakeholders and media to gain maximum exposure as well as cultivating our media relationships to reach beyond traditional publications.

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