Written by Megan Steer • Published 1st October 2018 • 3 minute read

Nowadays, people seem far more excited about receiving presents which have required a bit of thought above the traditional pair of socks, money, or the latest gadget. Of course, we still like to receive materialistic gifts, but there’s nothing quite like that warm feeling you get after you receive a gift you’re really going to appreciate and love.

If you’re stuck for ideas look at some of the alternative gifts you can get for your loved-ones this Christmas.

How many times have you made a New Year’s resolution which involves either learning or trying something new? And how many times have you fulfilled that resolution? Maybe if the lesson involved something a little more exciting (*cough*, beer, *cough*), then you’d be more likely to tick it off the list. This Christmas think outside the box and treat someone to a beer making lesson, after all, #DryJanuary isn’t for everybody.

The London Beer Lab in Brixton provides workshops for people to choose a type of beer they want to learn how to brew themselves… a great way to continue the Christmas spirit through January. You’ll be provided with the recipe and ingredients to brew about 20 litres of your all-grain beer. Each workshop takes between 4/5 hours and a further 2-3 weeks to ferment until it will be ready for collection and drinking!

  • Acts of charity

There are plenty of charities and organisations which let you buy something for someone who truly needs it, on behalf of your friend or relative who doesn’t.

Unicef Inspired Gifts are real, life-saving and life-changing supplies that get delivered to children and communities around the world. The process is simple, you can select a gift, dedicate it to a friend or loved-one with a personalised gift card and Unicef will deliver your inspired gift to children in the greatest need.

The gift range includes things like footballs or text books for children, vaccines and treatments to protect children to necessities such as a toilet and water pump.

  • Adopt an animal

Everybody is a sucker for our furry friends, and with people more concerned than ever about our planet and animals’ wellbeing following the Blue Planet Effect, donating or adopting an animal is the perfect Christmas gift.

The WWF offers the ability to donate or adopt an animal this Christmas. Donation options include things like 40 seedlings for forests in Tanzania and a Rhino Ranger’s salary for 10 days. Or you can adopt an animal and help work to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable animals. In return, you will receive a cuddly toy, regular updates, a fact pack and a wonderful gift that will protect your chosen animal and their habitat.

This is a great, quirky gift for any occasion including Christmas. Alongside a named star, you will receive a certificate, a celestial map and your star will be registered in the Registry, meaning that through a unique naming number you can retrieve your record anywhere in the world, at any time.

There are different packages available from naming a visible star to naming a visible star in the constellation and naming two stars orbiting each other which is great for couples, the choice is all yours. A present for life.

Have you ever wondered where exactly in the world your heritage lies? Living DNA can help your loved ones discover where they come from and provide a highly detailed insight into their family history.

Simply order a test online, take your swab and post the sample back using the free returns bag and view your results online within 10-12 weeks. So why not help your loved one find out where they come from with the world’s most advanced DNA test. We bet that’s a Christmas present they’ve not received before!

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