Attracting a new audience. How to attract premium consumers willing to spend more.

Trying to attract premium consumers.

In the world of fashion, the premium and luxury sector is extremely competitive. Whilst it is a thriving industry, many brands are vying for the attention of consumers. Therefore making marketing work for your luxury brand is crucial. As traditional in-person experiences are on the decline, luxury brands must create an authentic experience with real storytelling to elevate themselves beyond their competition.

Create a great user experience.

Luxury brands have always been great at creating unique offline experiences. Consequently, creating a luxury experience online is equally as important. By integrating a smooth user experience with luxury visuals and simple navigation, luxury brands can create a balance of convenience and opulence.

In addition, it feeds into many different SEO-related metrics including site performance and engagement time. Google constantly reminds us that website should be built with the user in mind.

Begin with your core web vitals. These standardized metrics can help you to understand how users experience a web page. Making sure the site meets the recommendations can help position you correctly on search engine results pages.

In addition, having product variants that are easily accessible will ensure you consumers can find them easily. In doing so your site experience will be enhanced allowing more time for browsing on the site.

Also, don’t be afraid to group and target product variants away from simply colour and size. Consider targeting user needs to allow your visitors to find what they are looking for without the need to crawl through multiple pages.

Finally, have plenty of calls to action to help simplify the navigation around the website. This will make the entire shopping experience much simpler and easy to follow.

Create the right keyword and outreach strategy.

A well-researched keyword strategy is paramount if you want to attract high-spending consumers organically. Instead of focusing on high-search volumes look at converting terms and optimise accordingly. By ranking for a wide range of long-tail keywords with a luxury or premium component you can expect to see better results.

In addition, when thinking about your content and Digital PR, you must research thoroughly. By knowing and understanding what type of content resonates with premium audiences, you can produce a list of the correct publications that are going to allow you to be featured alongside the top brands.

Finally, create content that is informative, useful, and unique. Pitching yourself against the most aspirational brands needs a positioning based on high levels of differentiation. Therefore, consider emphasizing symbolic value and creating perceptions of exclusivity.

Enhance your creativity.

As discussed previously. Selling to a premium or luxury audience is about creating a feeling of exclusivity for the customer. Design is usually the first insight into a brand’s feeling of quality, values, and story. Therefore, every aspect from concept to execution must be considered. The typeface should be elevated and imagery should be crystal clear, well lit, and intentional. Finally, the colour palettes should have meaning and the layouts should be studied. Done well, this will start to form the structure of a brand that allures customers and creates a luxurious feeling.

Due to a brand’s luxury quality, traditional marketing approaches may not suit. Intention is important for your marketing campaigns and this is led by design. Creating sophisticated campaigns through the use of art and commerce can elevate a brand to uphold its luxury status with customers.

Consider your ad copy.

Audience targeting is key to success when marketing a luxury product. It is important to remember the majority of luxury consumers will use the same search terms as lower AOV consumers during the top of the funnel broad searches. Although, some will search appending ‘luxury’, ‘premium’ or ‘designer’ the large majority will not.

Focus on making your advert copy clear that you are a luxury. This way you’ll dissuade consumers from looking for a lower value product. A simple way to do this could be to call out a high threshold for free delivery e.g ‘Free delivery over £500.’ This makes it clear that it is unlikely to be a cheap purchase.

If you retail in the USA you can target users by household income. Excluding lower-income households will immediately eliminate users least likely to purchase. However, if you don’t operate in the US it is not quite as simple which means the use of your first-party data is key. For Prospecting to new customers, utilise lookalike and similar to audiences (particularly purchasers over a high basket value). You’ll then have a ready-made audience to target and expand your market reach.

Examples of our work with premium fashion clients can be found here.

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