Best campaigns this International Women’s Day

In 2019 we brought you our 5 best International Women’s Day campaign, and this year we have gone one better by looking at the brands who have inspired us with inspiring campaigns over the last few years.

Whilst emotions continue to play a significant role in the lifespan and longevity of any brand. With an increase in content chaos on social media, it can be quite a challenge to keep consumers interested and satisfied with your company’s online presence. Therefore, many brands, use days like International Women’s Day to channel their opportunities into building brand sentiment. And, with the ability of brands to track these metrics more readily available, the information collected can be used to build a more effective and meaningful brand.

Consumers remain shrewd when it comes to the social responsibilities of the brands they buy from, so it is no surprise that using International Women’s Day to push a promotion or offer will be met with cynicism. However, for the brands that get it right. The opportunity to drive brand sentiment cannot be underestimated.

So here are the brands we think have got it right over the last few years as they have worked to match their advertising message with their focus on empowering the female community.

Bobbi Brown & Needles and Thread 2021 – Pretty powerful 

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is launching its ninth consecutive year of The Pretty Powerful Campaign in March 2021, to celebrate International Women’s Day. Originally launched in March 2013, the campaign was targeted at promoting confidence in women through natural beauty. This has evolved into a philanthropic project in partnership with UK Charity, Smart Works.

This year they have partnered with Needle & Thread, a female led iconic British womenswear brand to create a limited edition, custom make up bag which is available for sale with profits going to the Charity. The make up bag is available from John Lewis, ASOS and Harrods.

Nike 2019 – Dream crazier

Following conversation around their Just Do It campaign starring Colin Kaepernick, In 2019 Nike released a similarly striking video titled ‘Dream Crazier’.

The Video aimed to “shine a spotlight on female athletes who have broken barriers, brought people together through their performance and inspired generations of athletes to chase after their dreams.”

Narrated by Serena Williams, ‘Dream Crazier’ featured footage of female athletes, including Caster Semenya and Kathrine Switzer, who have achieved success despite facing criticism and adversity.

Nike have prioritised celebrating the athletes’ achievements over pushing product – we even saw a flash of the adidas logo in one of the clips they’ve included – so it felt genuine.

Mothercare 2019 – #BodyProudMums

Mothercare are one highstreet brand that’s struggled recently. So their recent 2019 online campaign was a positive step forward in talking to their audience and engaging with them beyond product.

Body Proud Mums starred 10 women who share their own stories of pregnancy and discuss how their bodies have changed. It features imagery of the women and their babies with no digital touch-ups or enhancement.

Mothercare worked closely with charities NCT and PANDAS, and this campaign reinforced their efforts to support new mums with links to community events for parents which are hosted in-stores.

A mum holding her baby as part of mothercare's body proud mums campaign

P&G 2017 – #WeSeeEqual

In honour of International Women’s Day 2017, Procter & Gamble (P&G) launched their new corporate #WeSeeEqual campaign aimed at uncovering gender bias.

The campaign ran on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram and featured a video showing men, women, boys and girls defying gender stereotypes, using clips from a number of its brands including Always and Secret. P&G brands including Pantene, Ariel and Fairy have all done ads on gender equality, but this was the first time it has brought them together under the corporate umbrella.

Goldieblox & Rube Goldberg 2018 – Princess Machine

Toy manufacturer Goldieblox, used this campaign to inspire and educate girls about the STEM industries. By securing a Superbowl commercial spot after winning Intuit’s ‘Small Business, Big Game’ contest. The commercial was viewed by over 100 million people, went viral online and with the aid of a Beastie Boys song scandal secured international attention.

This campaign aimed to make engineering accessible and fun to girls at a young age, and a Rube Goldberg machine used in the ad was something totally relatable because it combined everyday objects to do something magical.

PayPal 2019 – #BalanceForBetter

PayPal’s 2019 campaign for International Women’s Day theme was Balance for Better – aiming to forge a more gender balanced world and raise awareness against bias.

PayPal supported this theme in their video which featured female business leaders having a discussion on the ways we can bring gender balance to the workplace. Entrepreneurs including Benefit’s Lisa Edwards describe their experiences of being a woman in business and offer advice for women looking to grow their own business.

The video was shot by an all-female crew and production team, and the landing page brought attention to some of the female-led brands which are shaping the future of retail.

Throughout the campaign, PayPal pledged to donate to charities helping women around the world when customers use PayPal to pay for purchases in select retailers run by female CEOs.

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