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The news of JD Wetherspoon’s departure from social media seems to have hit some people pretty hard. Arms are up in the air, knickers are in a twist and some fanatics even got themselves into a full-blown tizz. But never mind the very British outbursts, it seems that Wetherspoons have pulled off one of the best social media stunts that we have seen of late. They got the whole nation talking, jumped on the back of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica discussions, achieved huge media coverage, and actually stayed very on brand. And all by abstaining from this, social media, the nations favourite vice.

So, for any of those lost souls, wandering the internet aimlessly for your social fix, here are our picks for the Best of British: Social Media Edition.

  1. Innocent: These guys have to come in first place, just for the consistent cheery and delightful commentary, that so wonderfully taps into what it means to be British (complain a lot, but with polite refrain). Their community management is brilliant, always ready with the quick comeback and witty repartee.

  1. Greggs: They’ve jumped on the meme train, and it works. Yes, it’s completely ridiculous, and technically not that funny, but that’s also why it’s great. They’ve established a theme (turn everything into a sausage roll), and they’ve run with it. It appeals to a certain generation, and it seems to work, with 141K followers tuning in for their half-baked humour.

  1. Boohoo: Aside from the usual aesthetic, aspirational content that fashion brands’ focus on, Boohoo is spot on in terms of positioning, the tone of voice, and visual identity. Their content is vibrant, youthful and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  1. Paddy Power: This is another case of a brand getting their audience’s humour absolutely spot on. They’re laddish, colloquial and a bit rude. Everything you want from a best mate really. Paddy Power also do a great job of being funny, even if you’re not big into the world of sport. Certainly, no mean feat.

  1. Present & Correct: This stationary brand does a sterling job of simultaneously selling their product, telling great jokes and highlighting beautiful content from across the internet. Subtle and simply charming through and through, they’re a fab example of a smaller brand making the most of social!

  1. PHA Digital Studio: This account just has a certain je ne sais quoi – you probably won’t have heard of them, but they’re really nailing this social media thing (okay, you got me, it’s us, we think we’re funny). But seriously, one time we tweeted something about Doctor Who, and it got like 300 likes and it was the best day of our lives.

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