Apps saving you money this January

After the festivities and celebrations over the Christmas period, January is often seen as a month for change. A popular resolution is to become better with finances. Whether that’s putting money away for a rainy day, saving for a house deposit or for that beach holiday in the winter,  you’ve always promised yourself.

Want to know how you can make some savvy savings? We’ve looked at the best apps around that will help you get your finances back on track.


When it comes to saving do you sometimes need a helping hand? Well, Tandem are here to get you and your money moving in the right direction.

The fully regulated UK bank has created several effortless ways to save. Tandem offers a round-up service which means when you use your card, Tandem will round up to the nearest pound and save the difference.

There is also the inbuilt AI capabilities which analyses and predicts what each individual can afford to save and then will move it to your Tandem account.

It’s also incredibly easy to make a weekly and monthly deposit into your savings with just a tap of a button. Save up to £85,000 fully protected by the FCS.


Meet Cleo, soon to be your new best AI friend, determined to save you money. Whether you want to budget better, save or track your spending just drop Cleo a message. Cleo will access your finances and set money aside each week based on your current spending rate. The only negative? Be prepared to get roasted about your spending.

There’s also a cool feature that allows you to play games and enter quizzes which help to build financial awareness and potentially win some cash.


Changing how you think about money is Yolt. The award-winning platform allows you to spend smart, always stay on track, and reach your goals all within one smart thinking app. Simply connect your current banking account to Yolt and away you go.

Are you tired of double hitting the iPhone home button and app surfing to constantly check finances? Yolt are leaders in open banking meaning you can see all current accounts, savings, credit cards, pensions and investments together in one place.

Think of the time and energy you could save.


The Chip app uses artificial intelligence to analyse your spending and save a small amount of money each week.

Chip is putting an end to ‘boring’ saving habits like putting aside a set amount of money each month just for the sake of it, instead, Chip wants you to focus on saving for something you really want to buy, e.g. booking a holiday or saving for a wedding.

The clever part is that Chip uses AI to analyse your spending and make relevant savings for you and, crucially, put aside the right amount of money in response to the reality of your everyday spending habits.

By automatically calculating how much you can afford to save each week, Chip is turning the UK into a nation of savvy savers without them even realising it.

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