Alternative exercise classes – Our top five picks

One of the main hurdles to get over when it comes to exercise is the ability to stay motivated. There’s no denying that it gets boring running on a treadmill or doing a regular HIIT class repeatedly, so much so that many of us will begin to find excuses to put off exercising altogether. We had a look at the best alternative exercise classes available to ensure you don’t let that summer body you worked so hard for slip now that winter is upon us.

Fulfil your dream of being in the circus with Flying Fantastic and their Static Trapeze class. This is a great stepping stone for more Aerial Fitness, enabling you to build confidence and strength with going upside down. Using your core, lower back and obliques to keep the ropes from swinging as much as possible beats your usual core routine on a mat in the gym. Static Trapeze provides a great platform for you to develop your functional strength and pursue that career in the circus!

Let’s say you’ve been sat in a stuffy office all day, then stuck on a busy train on your commute home. If the last thing you want to do is retreat to a congested studio for your exercise class, then look no further. With various locations all over the UK, Aquaphysical offers a variety of FloatFit classes which give you a fun, full body workout aiming to suit all abilities and providing a mixture of both high intensity and yoga-inspired classes, keeping your core and balance working hard at all times to avoid falling in the water.

A blend of the movement and technique of ballet with the precision of Pilates and the stretch of yoga. Triyoga Barre classes are dynamic, engaging and the perfect exercise for people looking to mix up their usual routines. Some of the benefits of barre include developing core strength, enhancing posture and muscle tone and increasing flexibility. The combination of three different methods of exercise ensures that participants remain engaged and excited about their workouts.

Gymbox are well known for their huge array of alternative fitness classes. Whiplash is a body weight and skipping exercise class which aims to deliver a full body workout putting your cardio to the test and improving balance, coordination and footwork. It can be done by anybody and everybody and you might also be surprised to learn that skipping can burn around 1300 calories an hour!

We all used to hula-hoop in the school playground as kids, but who would have thought you’d be picking up a hula hoop and swinging your hips to old-school bangers as an adult?! Hooping is a brilliant way to tone your abs, legs and arms, and have fun whilst doing it! Some of the key benefits you can achieve from hooping are improved strength, coordination and calorie burning. Hulafit offers workouts in several locations across London which will enhance and develop your balance, posture and poise and assist sculpting, reshaping and toning all in the right places. But most importantly, these classes are a bundle of fun!

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