AI & Big Data Expo 2019 preview

This week sees London’s Olympia play host to a celebration of all thing’s tech. Four co-located events and an expected audience of more than 12,000 all under one roof to be precise. The four main expos running throughout the two days focus on blockchain, cybersecurity, internet of things and artificial technology.

A plethora of businesses ranging from global enterprises to start-ups will be exhibiting at the event, hoping to secure new business whilst boosting their brand awareness.

The event we’ll be focusing on in this blog is the AI & Big Data Expo, which promises to be an opportunity to discover the latest AI-powered businesses that can drive your business forward in 2019.

With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the most promising businesses who are exhibiting at the AI & Big Data Expo this year.


Using groundbreaking technology, Aitrak has developed a formula which helps break down exactly what consumers see first when looking at a selection of products.

Businesses and brands spend millions every year in designing their product to make sure theirs stands out from the rest, so being able to understand what attracts consumers in those vital seconds is a must for all retailers.

Aitrak’s formula includes using a predictive Al model which has been trained with thousands of retail images viewed by people using traditional eye-tracking technology. This approach is combined with the team’s knowledge in retail marketing and computer vision Aitrak usually achieves a 95%-97% accuracy rate.


EarthSense is aiming for the top, their target is to become a global leader in accurate air quality monitoring. EarthSense is hoping to achieve this through expert environmental monitoring and measuring air pollution data and creating products that enable us to better understand and solve air quality issues.

An example of EarthSense’s work is The Zephyr, which was built and engineered to deliver robust and convenient measurements of air quality. The unique system accurately measures a magnitude of things but critically measures the Nitrogen Dioxide and Nitric Oxide levels in the air.

EarthSense was commissioned for a project in Leeds where The Zephyr played a vital role in developing a system to automatically activate zero-emission running of hybrid vehicles along the most heavily polluted city streets.


The London based business provide trusted data on demand so that organisations don’t have to go to the trouble of having to source and prepare data themselves. In the past organisations have struggled to make the most of useful data

Doorda has helped to speed up the process by spending the last several years investigating, gathering, joining and linking thousands of datasets from many official sources such as HMRC, Ordnance Survey and Land Registry. In simple terms, this means that organisations can profit and capitalise on useful data quicker than ever before.

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