AgeTech innovators transforming elderly care

For families with elderly relatives, the events of the last 12 months have been immensely challenging when it comes to ensuring loved ones were safe and receiving adequate care. With a road map out of lockdown thankfully now in place, the difficulties of the pandemic will remain long in the memory so taking steps to ensure family members are experiencing the best quality of life in their twilight years will be more important than ever.

While traditional care homes and home carers have served families well for decades, there are a number of tech-led businesses who have emerged in recent years and are revolutionising the way we go about sourcing and providing care for the elderly.

We shine a spotlight on four of the AgeTech businesses that are leading the way in this burgeoning industry.

An issue that is prevalent right across the UK is people who are receiving full-time care can often find themselves being pushed towards residential care homes. While for some people this is the right solution, for many it is not, and they can find themselves in an unfamiliar environment when they would much rather be at home. AgeTech innovator Elder was founded with a mission to tackle this issue and provide families with a legitimate, trusted and easy to access alternative. The business’ platform uses technology to connect families looking for support with vetted and experienced live-in carers. Rather than a residential care home, this at-home support enables elderly family members to remain at home where they’re happiest, comfortable in their surroundings while also receiving the highest quality level of care. The business is scaling rapidly and was last year named by the Sunday Times as the ninth fastest growing tech firm in the UK.

Vida Care
Another business specialising in live-in care and believing that there’s no place like home, Vida’s platform connects healthcare providers with the elderly and their families and has the singular mission to empower. Focused on delivering the best possible level of care for the elderly, Vida only accepts the top 10% of carer applicants who must have an absolute minimum of two years’ experience, ensuring families are confident that their loved ones are receiving the level of support they deserve. The business operates a range of tech-solutions aimed at supporting their carers, from an easy-to-use app through to their more advanced home monitoring tools. They also offer extensive training and above-average wages ensuring each of their carers feels as looked after as those they’re caring for, meaning families can rest easy knowing their loved ones have everything they need.

Designed to help carers care better, Birdie’s digital software gives carers not only more time to focus on what they do best, but also more insight in to the clients they’re looking after. Taking the pain out of paperwork, Birdie’s platform enables carers to build and share bespoke care plans quickly online using their portal. The platform lets carers log visits and register alerts right away and slashes the time spent on admin. Keeping carers in touch with their providers is another key strength of the platform as providers can automatically see when carers are checking in, monitor the quality of care and immediately respond to any concerns. The business has been instrumental throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting its partners through a dedicated COVID-19 hub, software developments such as in-app messaging as well as hosting a range of webinars on topics such as PPE, recruitment and mental health.

Working with some of the most recognisable names in the home care industry such as Home Instead, Breezie provide the elderly with a tablet-based platform that enables them to stay connected and engaged throughout their senior years. The platform is white-labelled and allows care providers to input their own-branded content in an easy-to-use and elderly friendly digital solution. The solution is proven to work with all levels of technical capability and allows seniors to connect with the wider world, staying in touch with their loved ones and combatting isolation and loneliness.

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