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Today it is more crucial than ever to make changes to help our environment. Every day we hear about another turtle who has died with a litre of plastic in its stomach or see an image of a hungry polar bear starving in the melting ice caps.

The Homeware industry in previous years has been one of the greatest producers of single use plastics. This has posed serious environmental issues such as increasing CO2 emissions and polluting our oceans, so several companies are trying to tackle this issue and have made huge efforts to create more sustainable products.

Waikiki Bottle 

First up we have the Waikiki Bottle. This eco-friendly stainless-steel insulated bottle is designed to keep you hydrated whilst encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle. As well as helping the environment by reducing the number of plastic bottles purchased, Waikiki has also launched the Take-back Program. This allows customers to return their used bottles once they are done with them to be recycled at its source. Those who return the bottles receive a discount on future purchases as a thank you for keeping your bottle from the landfill.

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This month is Plastic Free July 🌿 Which means you can start making small changes towards consuming less single use plastic. It comes in the form of plastic water bottles, coffee cups and carrier bags. And by switching to a reusable option you can help reduce the impact from the millions of plastic products that are consumed every second! Clink the link in bio to read more about the environmental impact and make the switch today. ⁣#waikikibottle #sustainableliving #sustainable #ecofriendly #fitness #healthy #zerowasteliving #wellnessjourney #wellnesswarrior #veganliving #healthyliving #healthylifestyle #stayhydrated #womenwhowork #sundaymotivation #movementculture #findyourstrong #betterforit #gogreen #reducereuserecycle #ecowarrior #seeksimplicity #greenlifestyle #sustainabledesign #zerowaste #healthyishappy #organiclife⁣ #fridaysforfuture #summer #refill

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Eco-Strawz Reusable Metal Straws 

Another small change that can aid our environment is the removal of single use plastics such as straws. These stainless-steel drinking straws made by Eco-Strawz can be cleaned and reused multiple times, saving space in our landfills from the regular use of plastic straws, which take years to decompose. What is more, with every reusable straw purchased, Eco-Strawz will donate 1p to Sea Shepherd, a world leading direct action ocean conservation charity.

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Our #freebiefriday #giveaway returns this fine Friday 👍🏻 Follow, like and tag a friend for your chance to win a pack of our fabulous and stylish drinking straws from the #ecostraws range. We supply a wide variety of straws manufactured from stainless steel, natural bamboo, borosilicate glass and titanium in an array of shapes and sizes. Make the switch today to a reusable and sustainable drinking straw and help reduce the 8.5 billion disposable plastic straws used every year in the U.K. Good luck! ✌🌾🍹🤞 #ecofriendly #saveouroceans #rethinkplastic #reusablestraw #change #FridayFeeling #ecostrawz #eco #saveourplanet #stopsingleuseplastic #nomoreplasticstraws #plasticfree #plasticocean #stopsucking #greendrinks

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Join Vegan Luxury Candles 

These luxury soy wax candles are not only stylish but environmentally friendly too. Join ensure their candles are vegan, carbon neutral and sustainable. The cotton core wicks and fine essential oils create a long, clean and natural fragrance without harming the environment. Join are committed to reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible, using recyclable packaging from sustainable sources and print with vegetable dye inks.

Panda Packaging Bamboo Lunchbox

This eco-friendly lunch box is a great replacement for your single use Tupperware. The base is made from stainless steel and the lid is handmade from bamboo. The organic bamboo fibre has antibacterial qualities, keeping your food safe. Panda Packaging has a mission to replace the use of all plastic products by creating new and exciting sustainable solutions which are affordable and accessible across the world.

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⭐️ NEW PRODUCT ALERT PANDAS ⭐️ . . My absolute favourite and go to panda product at the moment is our brand new super sustainable, stainless steel&+ bamboo lunchbox🎋🌺 . . This little baby is the dream when it comes to having you covered for all your lunch needs🥑🥭 . . Reusable, super sustainable and 100% plastic free🍃 . . Head to our website now pandas to get your paws on our products ~ link in bio🐼🐾🌱🌏 PANDA PACKAGING LEAVING BEHIND NATURES PAWPRINT🐼🐾🌱🌏 #pandapackaging #bamboo #lunchbox #friday #nature #naturalproducts #ecofriendly #organic #raw #health #vegan #plantbased #plantpower #plasticfree #mindfulness #mindbodysoul #zerowaste #sustainable #healthylifestyle #saynotoplastic #saveouroceans #london #losangeles #startup

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The Beeswax Wrap Co. Wraps 

These handmade organic cotton Beeswax Wraps are the new sustainable way to keep your food super fresh. The BeesWax Wrap Co. aims to encourage people to ditch the single use cling film which will fill up unnecessary landfill space and convert to the 100% natural and biodegradable Beeswax Wraps, also available in a variety of colours and patterns. There is even a tutorial on their website on how to keep the wraps clean and fresh, so they can continue preserving your meals and snacks.

Greener Cleaner Dish Brush 

Greener Cleaner are committed to delivering high-performing eco-friendly cleaning products sustainably. This high performance environmentally friendly dish brush has durable fibres and is deal for cleaning all types of dishes, pots and pans. The wood flek handle is made of 100% recycled plastic giving it an Eco-Flek finish. All Green Cleaner products are made from recyclable plastics which can be recycled again after their use. The ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ waste hierarchy is used as the strong foundation for the creation of Green Cleaner products.

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