5 innovative brands empowering consumers to make healthier choices

A change in our daily routine can naturally disrupt our eating patterns and snacking habits. So, when the UK went into lockdown and many people found their regular routine turned upside down, it was no surprise that our behaviour towards food shifted.

As we could no longer eat out, did that mean more people were relying on takeaways? Or, as we were home more often, were we snacking out of boredom, or baking more with our spare time?

Well, in a new survey of over 2,000 people, commissioned by the British Nutrition Foundation, 27% admitted they were eating less healthily than they had been before the pandemic. The research also revealed that 63% of people in Britain attribute ‘boredom’, and 45% percent attribute ‘stress, anxiety and tiredness’ as being their main reasons for eating less healthily than usual.

As the UK government bring in new policies to help tackle obesity, the survey highlights the importance of empowering people to make healthier choices. The good news is, there is an array of innovative brands offering delicious, healthier treat options, which provide the perfect snack. Here, we take a look at some of our favourites!


Ohso is an award-winning probiotic chocolate that offers a tasty, tummy-loving, and low-calorie daily treat! The range was born out of an amazing discovery: that chocolate can deliver live bacteria to your gut three times more effectively than dairy products, using a unique encapsulation process.

Carefully crafted using high quality dark Belgian chocolate, each bar of Ohso contains over a billion live cultures (commonly known as probiotics) including Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, to support gut and immune system health.

Available in four delectable flavours, including Raspberry and Orange, Ohso is sold in packs of 7 individually wrapped bars, providing a daily dose of portion-controlled, gut-friendly chocolate. Bonus – it is suitable for vegetarians and is gluten-free, nut safe and free from added dairy!


Adonis is a range of low sugar nut bars that were designed to help with that ‘3pm slump’ we are all familiar with! The nut bars are unique, as they contain only 2 grams of naturally occurring sugar and are made completely from nuts, seeds, fibres, and superfoods.

They are also 100% natural, keto, and low carb, and so if you’re keeping an eye on your sugar intake, these make the perfect snack.

Freaks of Nature

Anyone with a sweet tooth can appreciate a low-calorie dessert option to satisfy that craving, without the guilt that follows. That’s why Freaks of Nature have created some ‘freakin’ delicious desserts made purely from plants’ to save the day.

These award-winning vegan and gluten-free desserts are not only delicious but are also low in calories. We LOVE the sound of a hot bramley apple or a lemon mousse.

The super-fun concept was founded by passionate foodie, Peter Ahye, who was desperate to create a plant-based pudding that didn’t compromise on taste. The site of this growing brand is now the largest dedicated gluten and dairy free, plant-based dessert factory in Europe and they’re not stopping anytime soon!

Munchy Seeds 

Founded by Lucinda and Crispin Clay (AKA Mr & Mrs Munchy), the inspiration for Munchy Seeds stemmed from Lucinda’s grandmother in New Zealand. After discovering the deliciousness of roasted seeds during her childhood, Munchy Seeds were born.

Munchy Seeds are roasted seeds that are naturally crammed with real goodness like protein, iron, fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

High in nutrition and roaring with good energy, Munchy Seeds come in snack packs, sharing packs or gift boxes, and are available an array of flavours – from sweet chilli and honey roasted, to salted caramel and choccy apricot, giving consumers a vast selection to choose from.


LoveRaw highlight their mission is to “make legendary kick ass vegan chocolate” whilst maintaining their honest, transparent, and no artificial nonsense roots. This brand wants to prove that vegan chocolate can be decadently indulgent and smash your taste buds. And that’s exactly what they do.

LoveRaw’s vegan chocolate is the best of the best, with chocolate bars and butter cups filled with delicious flavours like cookie dough and peanut butter (yum!). But they argue that you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy this chocolate. Even better, their chocolate is both ethically and sustainably sourced. Curious? Just try it, we think you’ll love it!

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