Why your business should launch a webinar strategy

We at The PHA Group worked with a number of businesses last year to build, manage, execute and assess their webinar strategies to great effect: we constantly drew in noteworthy crowds, we generated interest and engagement through social media engagement, and, perhaps most importantly, we contributed to growth, helping our clients secure new businesses and renew with existing ones.

Here are three reasons why your business should consider launching a webinar strategy.

  1. It’s the thought (Leadership) that counts

One of the major reasons as to why people decide to tune into webinars is the value factor: the chance to tune into an industry expert and engage with them and like-minded audiences.

With that in mind, our webinar strategies aren’t just focussed on sales or product promotion; we develop a series built around thought leadership and demonstrating expertise. We often build sessions around a panel of experts, featuring both figures from our client as well as prominent names from the wider industry. Such an approach builds legitimacy, qualifies your business as one that is worth tuning into, and ultimately creates a more engaging session featuring audience interaction, Q&As and discussion.

It is the feeling that a user is getting value simply from tuning into a webinar that retains their interest, keep them coming back to future sessions and potentially opens up a lead-generating dialogue afterwards.

  1. ROI that you can physically measure

One of the key benefits of a webinar series is the range of stats and figures that can be measured. Starting with social media, our expert social team ensure that webinar promotion reaches your exact target audience through both organic and paid campaigns across all social media channels, be it a specific company, sector, or region.

Next, our webinar software lets us measure everything from registration and attendance figures to the source channel they registered from, as well as engagement insights such as the time each user tuned in for and questions submitted. What’s more, webinars can be made available on-demand afterwards, further extending the shelf-life of each session and allowing us to promote further afield to your social media audiences.

Such reporting insights not only allows you to assess whether the webinar series itself was successful, but also lets you track the user journey from registration to attendance to follow-up, plus the impact of the campaign on your growth line.

  1. Build your database and reap rewards

Beyond the topic, the promotion and the actual live event, the real value of a webinar series for our clients lies in the data and knowledge that can be extracted. The registration process that we put in place means that you can be provided with a database of prospective clients and existing customers that can be incredibly valuable to businesses.

Often, such databases can be used within follow-up email campaigns and sales team outreach, providing another chance to engage potential customers. In this data-driven world, such information can represent a gold mine for those businesses looking to use webinar series to grow their business and reach new users.

There are of course many more reasons as to why a webinar series should be a core communications strategy, from the boost it offers your social media strategy in the form of rich content and outputs, to the exposure it provides to senior figures at your company, but that is for another insight.

For now, if any of the above interests you, or if you want to talk more about how a webinar strategy could contribute to your business objectives, get in touch with one of our team today.

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