2022’s top money management apps

Money management has become an increasingly frequent discussion topic as the cost-of-living crisis continues to escalate around the UK. With the cost-of-living soaring and inflation rate reaching its highest rate for 40 years, it is becoming increasingly difficult to save.

Due to this, the demand for money management solutions has been rising as consumers are looking for new ways to help them not only save but spend smarter, cut unnecessary spending and manage bills.

In this article, we shine a spotlight on 2022’s best money management apps and the innovations and milestones that helped them to become leaders in the sector.


HyperJar is a free money savings app offering a prepaid debit card, digital payments, planning and personalised rewards. Founded with the idea to ‘Spend Life Well’, this company helps customers plan money for their wants, unexpected events and offers a social feature that allows customers to connect with other people to spend and save together.

HyperJar uses TikTok and other social channels to advertise its platform as a way for people to better manage their money. More people are turning to TikTok to find tips and tricks for better ways to manage money and HyperJar have effectively used the channel to promote its platform to a highly relevant audience.


Emma is a financial super app making it easy for customers to track, invest and save money. Founded by two computer scientists with the mission to help millions of people to live a more fulfilling financial life, Emma offers different packages for customers to choose from based on their financial needs.

Having recently announced the launch of its commission-free stock trading to over one million customers in the UK, Emma continues to show innovation through new features and becoming a one-stop shop for all of a consumer’s money management needs.


Cleo is a Gen-Z AI-based money app that uses chatbots to help its customers learn how to better manage their finances. Founded with the mission to fight for the world’s financial health, Cleo gives its customers the knowledge and the means to help them make better financial decisions.

Having recently raised an additional $80 million in funding following the backing of Brussels tech investor Sofina, Cleo is building on its strong track record in the UK by now entering the US market.


Snoop is a smart money app that helps users save money on bills and subscriptions through enabling customers to track spending, cut unnecessary bills and control their finances. Founded to make users better off and empower better financial decision-making, Snoop uses a free platform to help its users cut the cost of living and provides all the resources needed to manage their finances.

Snoop has recently partnered with PensionBee making its platform available to PensionBee’s users with the goal to help them take control of their finances. In addition to this partnership, Snoop continues to dominate on social media through TikTok as channel users promote how Snoop has saved them money. This UGC-led marketing tactic has proven to be incredibly effective at securing engagement and interaction from the brand’s key audiences.


Moneyhub is a data and payments fintech that provides open banking, open finance and open data solutions to its customers. Moneyhub was founded with the vision to enhance the lifetime financial wellness of its customers, their communities and their businesses. This is done through helping its customers use data fairly and to its customer’s advantage, ensuring that Open Data benefits everyone.

Having recently announced its partnership with Nationwide, Moneyhub’s open banking technology is now available to Nationwide customers for them to fund newly opened savings accounts instantly as part of their application process. This new partnership unlocks many new customers to have the ability to use and benefit from Moneyhub’s platform.

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