Demonstrating positive impact on the local economy

WeWork expanded fast in Europe, known for creating appealing work environments for small and scale-up UK businesses, but needed to demonstrate its role in stimulating UK economic activity and forward-looking work cultures.

Our direct engagement and media campaign told this story in the public and political realm.

A collaborative economic impact study was commissioned with the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR), exploring how work environments that foster collaboration and creativity support economic growth and increased business productivity. The ‘Economic Impact Report’ spanned multiple global cities and markets, and we executed the UK activation – coordinating with international teams throughout the process. This gave us a platform to grab the attention of policymakers and business press.

As well as setting up interviews and developing media materials that positively quantified WeWork’s local and high-street impact, we distilled the research into pithy stats and created a bespoke infographic for use across WeWork’s website, in media and for social media use.

Working alongside public affairs, we managed a launch event in the Houses of Parliament that had over 240 attendees, including four senior national business writers.

It resulted in three feature articles covering the research and with WeWork’s leadership team’s comments on supporting UK business growth. The event also facilitated introductions for the co-founders to government figures including speaker, the Rt Hon Ed Vaisey MP, Former Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries.

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