Takumi needed to stand out and generate leads in a competitive influencer marketing landscape

The influencer marketing industry is set to be worth $15bn globally by 2022 and competition is fierce to work with the best brands and creatives to create standout, compelling social media campaigns.

Takumi is an influencer marketing agency striving to be the partner of choice for businesses looking to embark on an influencer marketing strategy. To do so, we developed a comprehensive global study that equipped the industry with much-needed insights.

We audited the global media landscape to identify the gaps in industry leadership, then developed a multi-market research project that seized the massive opportunity.

Contrasting the opinions of marketers, consumers and influencers, our study spanned Takumi’s three core revenue driving markets: UK, US and Germany. We acted as lead agency for media strategy and content development, co-ordinating nine sets of localised research and data and advising on graphics.

The resulting 21-page whitepaper was used for keynote presentations being given by the CEO in US and UK, as well as to establish an edge with prospects and other potential commercial partners.

Our media relations approach secured authoritative, positive coverage across trade and national media and the findings also informed long-form editorial content across the following quarter.


new inbound leads


revenue value of opportunities from 38 direct PR leads


increase YoY report downloads

“Overall, the whitepaper has given us opportunities to speak to clients and the industry with our own content. We’ve been able to use the stats to back up conversations around some challenges that the sales team are having and educating clients on the perceptions within the industry.”
Annie Fong
Head of Marketing
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