As lockdown was announced, we launched a campaign with Sparqa that would provide essential free legal advice to troubled small businesses.

On average businesses face legal issues eight times a year and 90% of them believe that traditional law firms do not provide a cost-effective solution. Sparqa Legal want to make law accessible and empower businesses to fulfil their legal needs, but they needed to be able to reach out and speak directly to their audience.

When Covid-19 emerged, it was obvious business in the UK would be changed forever. We set out to launch a campaign with Sparqa Legal that would provide essential free legal advice to troubled small businesses faced with a growing number of legal issues. By providing the companies expert lawyers as spokespeople, we quickly became invaluable to journalists looking to explain the new rules around furlough that were quickly emerging from the government in response to the crisis.

The company also launched The Sparqa Post, a free go to resource for practical business guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The site provided daily tips, updates, guides and resources to support businesses such as the Coronavirus Risk Assessment template.

By securing coverage in the national, broadcast and HR press, we were able to establish the companies’ lawyers as experts in the rapidly changing legal landscape. The company was able to provide essential legal advice during this time, making the law accessible to small business owners and employees, delivering on the company’s mantra of empowering businesses to fulfil their own legal needs at this particularly difficult time.


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