Niio is the number one destination for digital art experience.

The Niio platform is revolutionary in the digital art sphere, hosting more than 13,000 artworks and with major partners including Hilton Hotels, Samsung, Marriot Hotels and Phillips. However, Niio was still relatively unknown to much of the international media, owing to focusing primarily on the B2B market before 2020.

Our challenge was twofold: to raise the profile of Niio with a broader consumer audience, helping to drive art-lovers to the Niio website, and to secure meaningful and enriching coverage that clearly explained the Niio concept, and the exciting direction the business is heading in. Given that Niio is an international business, we needed to ensure that we achieved results in titles that reflected its international audience.

As the reality of the COVID-19 pandemic began to bite, artistic institutions across the globe were forced to close, leaving artists out of work, and consumers without their cultural fix. In response to this, Niio decided to launch Niio Art for Zoom, a collection of more than 40 moving image artworks that were free to download as Zoom backgrounds for consumers.

It quickly became apparent that while the Niio platform was incredibly exciting and streets ahead of any competitors, the notion of digital art was unfamiliar to most journalists. We used the Zoom backgrounds as a hook, and as the perfect entry point for journalists, demonstrating how Niio’s technology can be applied, and giving a tantalising glimpse into the global potential of digital art. In Niio CEO Rob Anders, we had the perfect voice to take that message far and wide in a tone that excited the media.

Over the course of a two-month campaign we secured more than twenty pieces of coverage, driving interest into the Niio Zoom backgrounds, and beginning to generate organic coverage as the news of the Niio concept spread.

Our piece in Forbes was viewed more than 11,000 times, leading to a 500% increase in sign-ups/form submissions to the Niio platform in the days after the piece came out.

Further coverage including in Metro, the Jerusalem Post, Spear’s, the Evening Standard, Calcalist, Artsy, Tech Radar and Computer Weekly helped to drive a total of more than 12,000 total downloads of Niio’s Zoom backgrounds.


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total downloads of Niio Zoom backgrounds


increase in Niio sign-ups following coverage in Forbes

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