Working with film studio Lionsgate, we ran a three-year corporate campaign to tell the story of its commitment to British cinema.

Lionsgate – the film studio behind the Hunger Games and La La Land – wanted to raise awareness of their investment into British film and its corporate position at the forefront of the UK film industry.

A key element of the brief was to establish a high-profile media platform for CEO Zygi Kamasa to outline Lionsgate UK’s investment in British film, and to provide thought leadership on key issues around the UK film industry.

We worked closely with Lionsgate UK to establish key messages around the studio’s investment in British film, and built a campaign that positioned CEO Zygi Kamasa as a firm supporter of the UK film industry. This included addressing issues such as how domestic films could be better supported and championed in UK cinemas, and how London can retain its position as a global leader in film production. Our three-year strategy was constructed around the cinematic release of several of Lionsgate’s key motion features including The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and 2 and La La Land.

We arranged media briefings and interviews with CEO Zygi around each mainstream film release, delivering key messages from Mr Kamasa around how Lionsgate continuously look to invest in and support British independent projects, positioning him as a pioneer in the film industry.

Our campaign was successful in building CEO Zygi Kamasa’s profile as a leading voice in the British film industry, establishing a mainstream profile for him. Over a three-year relationship, we have achieved 60 pieces of coverage for Lionsgate corporate – all top tier. This includes BBC Online, Sky, BBC Business TV, Bloomberg, Independent, Telegraph, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5, City A.M, the Sun, the I, the Mirror.

Through these media interviews, Zygi was able to outline Lionsgate’s commitment to the industry and effectively launch his campaign to support smaller British independent films off the back of this media interest. For example, following a BBC Radio 4 Today programme interview- the BBC wrote a piece online that outlined Zygi’s call for greater government support for smaller, independent films.

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