Establishing dcbel’s authority on smart home energy stations by positioning the company as an integral player with a viable option to achieve net-zero goals

Home energy station, dcbel, is a unique product in the race to net zero. The business successfully launched in North America, attracting significant investment, yet it needed support tapping into the vibrant British market and building a strong media presence.

dcbel tasked our team with raising brand visibility and consumer awareness in the UK – to build the profiles of its key spokespeople, raise awareness of its innovative home energy station, and drive interest in the product and its potential.

How dcbel is positioned in the competitive smart energy landscape would be integral to the PR campaign’s success. As the product hadn’t yet been launched in the UK it was important to first build credibility for the business and its spokespeople. To do this our team worked closely with dcbel to provide a comprehensive messaging workshop, which defined key messages and helped establish longer-term brand positioning.

In the first six months of working together, we secured over 30 pieces of coverage spanning national and business media, as well as targeted technology and sustainability trade publications.

Through a proactive commentary campaign and working closely with key journalist contacts we secured seven standout pieces of national coverage – including The Telegraph,  Express and Reuters’ Sustainable Switch Newsletter – successfully placing dcbel’s key spokespeople at the heart of the sustainability news agenda. To build trust with a B2B audience, we delivered a robust thought leadership strategy and placed various in-depth articles in key trade publications such as Totally EV and Current+. To ensure we reached all key audience groups we also targeted several industry podcasts and secured opportunities with trade technology platforms – including TechTalks, That Tech Show, Informed Choice Radio, and Pocket-lint.

All of these tactics have successfully communicated the business’s expansion in the UK, enhanced the profiles of the key spokespeople through both B2C avenues – targeting early adopters to encourage them to consider dcbel for their smart energy needs – and also B2B routes – targeting potential installers and energy partners.


Pieces of media coverage achieved in the first year


Stand-out national pieces of coverage


Podcast opportunities secured

"PHA has helped us successfully communicate a very complex product-service mix to consumers by focusing on dcbel’s functionality and benefits in a clear and effective way. The dcbel product now has not only a strong presence in the UK media but is communicated in an easy to understand manner."
Mark Harrison
Head of dcbel UK
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