Positioning amicable as the leading commentator on a landmark legislative change

No Fault Divorce was the biggest change to divorce law in over 50 years. Couples-led divorce service, amicable, was keen to spearhead the conversation in the media. It was the biggest commercial opportunity in amicable’s history, and we were competing against a vast array of specialist family and international law firms all vying for space in the national, consumer and trade press.

Kate Daly and Pip Wilson co-founded amicable in 2015. Their mission? To remove the acrimony and blame game from divorce. In 2020 the business won a high court ruling allowing couples to divorce without lawyers, validating amicable’s model of working with couples rather than individuals and helping couples negotiate financial settlements together rather than having to seek separate legal advice. The business created positive change before No Fault Divorce came into effect, and our job was to communicate this and the benefits of the law to a wider audience.

In the lead up to No Fault Divorce, which came into effect on 6th April 2022, we devised a strategy to build momentum over a six-month period. This included producing research and countdown press releases to position amicable as an expert on the law change, extensive interview briefings with Kate who acted as our spokesperson, identifying and pitching case studies to national and consumer media and feature pitching reacting to news announcements and pop culture moments. We also produced a Guide to No Fault Divorce which was distributed to journalists a couple of months before the law came into effect.

On launch day itself, we followed up on all media outreach, redistributed comments and conducted follow ups to secure broadcast exposure. This resulted in a standout interview with Kate on Sky News, which rolled throughout the course of the day and an online piece. In addition to this we secured hits in The Telegraph, Metro, Mail Online, Independent, Evening Standard, Refinery29, amongst others. This widespread media coverage delivered a direct impact on both website traffic and new client sign-ups.

amicable has helped thousands of couples divorce in the UK, and the introduction of No Fault Divorce is vindication that society’s views are finally changing when it comes to separation.


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Broadcast opportunities including an interview with Sky News

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