Raising awareness of one of the biggest, yet widely unknown, causes of pollution in the fashion industry

Textile dyeing is one of the biggest unknown causes of pollution in the fashion industry and Alchemie’s mission was to stop 500 million tonnes of CO2 emissions being produced by the industry by 2030. The nation is well aware of the fashion industry’s harmful impact on the environment, but many attribute a large proportion of this to fast fashion. The reality is this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg.

Textile dyeing and finishing processes are some of the most polluting manufacturing processes on the planet and – are responsible for over 3% of global CO2 emissions and over 20% of global water pollution.

To address this, Alchemie Technology has developed breakthrough technology to dye and finish textiles with up to 85% less energy consumption and 50% fewer costs – to improve efficiency.

We were briefed to target Alchemie’s four key audiences; fashion brands, consumers, government, and textile trade – highlighting the severity of current processes and raising awareness of Alchemie’s sustainable solution.

Our strategy spanned four pillars of activity – engaging with the fashion & textile trade industry, targeting consumer press to generate awareness in national publications, launching a social media strategy, and public affairs activity to brief government officials on the issue at hand.

Our press office activity included securing business profile interviews for Alchemie’s founder, Dr Alan Hudd, announcing new innovations from Alchemie, and commissioning research into consumers’ attitudes to sustainability within the fashion industry.

We delivered a news reaction programme – monitoring the news agenda and pitching commentary from Alchemie on London Fashion Week, responses to the ongoing energy crisis, and fashion industry partnerships to improve their sustainability agenda.

Coverage highlights include City AM, Daily Express, Yahoo! Finance, and key textile trade titles including WTIN, EcoTextile News, and Innovation in Textiles. We secured a meeting with the Chair of the APPG for Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion and Advisers to the Scottish Environment Secretary, supporting Alchemie’s mission by lobbying for change within the industry.

Working on Alchemie Technology demonstrates the strength of our consumer, corporate and social media teams working together as one to support a growing brand and deliver specific results.


pieces of coverage secured over six months – including Daily Express, City AM and Yahoo Finance


increase in social media followers, secured across Alchemie’s Twitter and LinkedIn channels in six months


social media post impressions secured over six months

" The PHA Group quickly grasped all aspects of our business – from our unique technology to our target demographic and the specifics of our mission to revolutionise the industry. We are thrilled with the opportunities they have secured for us over the last six months, helping us to stand out among our competitors and position us as leaders in this market. The team regularly suggests proactive, engaging ideas and are quick on the pulse to progress activity in a timely manner. More importantly, it is evident they are genuinely passionate about supporting our cause and we look forward to working with them over the coming months as we continue to grow as a business.”
Dee Roche
Head of Marketing
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