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The STIHL TIMBERSPORTS series is a global wood-chopping competition centered on the use of axes and chainsaws. Launched originally in the USA, the sport dubs itself the ‘original extreme sport’ and boasts a large global following. In 2018, the UK were chosen to host the 2018 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS World Championship at Liverpool’s Echo Arena, the first time ever that the Championship would be competed on British Soil.


The PHA Group were tasked with building awareness around the World Championship. From a social media perspective, our objectives were three-fold; to drive ticket sales around the event. To introduce the sport to a UK audience and to build audience awareness around the stature of the World Championship. Finally, to build awareness around the Team GB competitors, including their performances in the regional competitions during the build-up to the World Championship.



Our social media strategy focused on a geo-targeted campaign aimed at reaching solely a UK-based audience on Facebook, whilst on Twitter and Instagram we shared UK-centric content to reach a tailored audience.

We launched an organic strategy that revolved around competitor spotlights, competition previews, discipline insights, and brand awareness, using a mix of creative assets, from full-length videos to GIFs and imagery.

We also ran a parallel paid-for strategy, which utilised channel advert platforms, Facebook pixel, and retargeting methods, to target specific audiences within the UK, aimed predominantly at generating ticket conversions and increasing conversation around STHIL TIMBERSPORTS.



Building up the STIHL TIMBERSPORTS World Championship in October, we achieved some brilliant results across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

On Facebook, our primary channel within our social media strategy, we generated a total of 10,500 organic post engagements, reaching a total audience of 152,000 people.

In total, our social awareness content reached over 280,000 people in the UK, generating over 16,000 post engagements and contributing significantly to the 4,000 ticket sales at the 2018 STIHL TIMBERSPORTS World Championship.

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    10,500 organic post engagements

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    280,000 reach in the UK

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    4,000 tickets sold

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