Strategy, messaging and positioning

To achieve real impact for your business and to effectively influence and engage key stakeholders, it is vital that the correct strategy is in place. PHA leverages the latest data and audience insight tools, as well as vast PR experience, to deliver compelling strategies for clients.

Strategy, messaging and positioning

Our ultimate goal is always to meet your business objectives – and to deliver campaigns of real impact and worth, whether it is to improve corporate reputation, influence policy, or directly improve your bottom line.

Within this are the vital elements of positioning and messaging – again driven by data and insights – designed to help tell your story and elevate your voice above all others in a crowded marketplace.


In today’s business world, your campaigns need to have real impact and influence and, your engagement needs to drive you and your business forward.

PHA works closely with clients to give them a strategic edge. We work backwards from business objectives and apply data, insights and analytical thinking to devise campaigns that deliver measurable business impact.

This can include a range of different ideas and problem-solving services stretching beyond traditional PR and media relations, and encompassing, depending on requirement, Public Affairs, creative campaigns, and digital insightsoutput.

Through this process, PHA has helped clients shape policy, achieve recognition, attract investment, win campaigns and grow businesses.


Brand and personal messaging influences how you or your business are perceived by media, customers and stakeholders so getting it right is essential. If you’re unable to communicate credibly, it will harm perception.

Our messaging specialists have supported some of the world’s largest brands to get their message right. But messaging doesn’t just come into play when talking to the media or launching a new product, it starts inside the business.

We offer full brand messaging workshops to help you identify the key elements of your product, service or personality to ensure it is as credible to the most junior staff as it is in the boardroom. We utilise data-led insight to identify the characteristics and capabilities of who you are and want to be and which messages will resonate with your key audiences. Once your message reflects the core of your brand, it will allow you to navigate even the most testing situations.


What makes your company different is vital. Being positioned correctly is as important as your key messages.

As with strategy and messaging, PHA works closely with clients to understand their position in the market and then define PR output from it.

Many key messages will stem from this positioning and will help define the story-telling aspects of a campaign.

Getting it right is vital, not only for market position but also in speaking to journalists who want to see what is different about your company or idea as opposed to the hundreds of others they are approached by for coverage.

As well as your own research, PHA will conduct full analysis of your competitive landscape, including the sShare of vVoice they enjoy, how they have achieved that and how we can help you respond.

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