Events and Awards

We create and manage events and awards programmes with a laser focus on our clients’ industry specific audiences. These strategies deliver value, not vanity metrics – and we can help create and execute these programmes from owned roundtables and press briefings to industry league table entries and conferences.


Employer brand building, employee engagement, staff retention and recruitment, credibility, peer-to-peer networking and lead generation are just a handful of the benefits that can be delivered through an effective and well managed awards and events programme. They are a key channel to celebrate business achievements, launch new products or services, and make milestone announcements.

The UK’s business community is increasingly looking to get out and re-build and grow their personal relationships – whether that’s in a bid to find inspiration, forge partnerships, win business or simply get another perspective on the challenges and ambitions ahead.

How it works:

We audit your landscape and identify which events will deliver maximum value – to attend, sponsor or speak at – and where there are gaps that create opportunities for you to host your own event.

In the case of speaking at third party events, we approach organisers with a compelling pitch that proves your spokespeople have something to say, and from there start exploring speaking opportunities that give your views and business the best platform. We’ll work to craft messaging and a structure for any keynote or ‘audience-with’ style panels at the industry’s top events. Media training can be built into this process to add new voices to your company’s public persona.

We’ve supported clients in hosting events of all scales, from closed group roundtables with industry influencers and media that have influenced policy and trade body decisions, as well as helping unveil installations and a major funding announcement at COP.


You can take stock of the year ahead at any point – identifying awards categories that help showcase your best people, work and most meaningful achievements, from carbon reduction and ESG initiatives to innovation and R&D achievements.

How it works:

We will build a calendar of relevant awards, handling the shortlisting, organiser engagement and submission management. The crucial piece of course is a pithy, compelling entry that demonstrates true impact which we will draft on your behalf.

Crafting an award-winning submission starts with discovery sessions with people across your business to uncover the insights, first person experiences and impact metrics that make build a compelling narrative – not just a list of stats.

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