Campaigns & Public Affairs

A careful Public Affairs strategy is more important than ever if businesses and organisations are to successfully navigate the political landscape. Those businesses which use Public Affairs tactics to positively engage with decision makers, rather than passively accepting policy changes, will continue to stay ahead of their competitors.

Integrated campaigning for your organisation

We help organisations understand the legislation and policies which impact their sector. We communicate their position to political stakeholders to bring about positive change.

Our Public Affairs offering combines an expert understanding of the political landscape with a deep knowledge of communications and media relations. We leverage both areas to maximum effect to deliver cut through for political campaigns in the corridors of political power or through the most influential media.

Our services

Campaigns and causes

Many organisations are built for the purpose of creating change, such as charities or campaign groups. Whether it be introducing a certain policy or raising awareness for a specific cause, we can work with you to ensure your organisational aims are furthered amongst politicians and in the press. We understand that your company is underpinned by a set of values you want to project to the world. Whether that be a sustainable business model or customer-centric focus, it is important to convey what you truly stand for. We work with you to ensure those in positions of influence understand your brand values and take them into consideration.

Consultation responses and Whitepapers

Our Public Affairs team can guide you through Governmental and Select Committee consultations. From the outset of any policy development, it is crucial to articulate your voice and share expertise in with decision makers. Sometimes it pays to set the agenda rather than react to it. We can also work with you to develop a Whitepaper research project and develop a media strategy around it. This can be a powerful tactic to help shape future policy.

Political monitoring

Any changes to regulation, legislation or policy can have a huge impact on your business. These shifts come against a backdrop of economic and political activity. The PHA Group provides ongoing counsel and updates so you know what movements will affect your operating environment.

Political engagement

Having identified the relationships, regulatory changes and policy positions which impact your business, we go to work, fostering relationships on your behalf. We devise tailored lobbying programmes, informed by your key messaging, which align with your needs. Our high-profile campaigns tap into the political and media agenda of the day, ensuring your business is seen as a thought-leader in your sector.

Political press office

We take an integrated approach to politically focused press office work, bringing together communications and public affairs to drive impactful campaigns. Our contacts book gives you access to lobby journalists and political reporters to help communicate your message.
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