Securing cut-through in the media for your healthcare business

Earlier this year, The College of Optometrists released statistics indicating that 31% of Brits have noticed that their vision has declined since the pandemic, a considerable increase from the 22% when surveyed in June 2020.

Coronavision as it has been dubbed by tabloid newspapers and on social media includes eye strains, headaches, burning or itchy eyes.

It has been suggested that ‘Coronavision’ is down to a result of spending more time in front of screens and due to a prolonged time spent indoors.

The report by The College of Optometrists also acknowledged that much of the population did not think the problem was serious enough to leave the house to make an appointment with an optometrist due to the fear of catching COVID-19.

Whilst the vaccine has helped to reduce the daily risk of catching coronavirus, businesses up and down the UK have had to introduce hybrid working policies to appease employees. This means employees will still be faced with the prospect of spending more time in front of screens coupled with a lack of time spent outdoors, ultimately leading to a continued rise in Coronavision cases.

It begs the question:

With COVID-19 and the worrying prospect of a new variant dominating the news agenda, how can healthcare professionals in all sectors carve out an opportunity in the media and highlight the dangers of lesser-known health issues such as coronavision?

Here we explore four key ways a healthcare communications agency can help to break through the media landscape and raise the profile of your healthcare business.

Reacting to breaking news stories

A key strand of PR activity is to hijack the news agenda and secure comment opportunities for your spokespeople on breaking stories. Ultimately this helps viewers to associate your brand with relevant topics and position your spokespeople as go-to industry experts.

This is exactly what we have did for LifeWorks, a global leader in wellbeing, responding to breaking news stories and mental health awareness days to illustrate the company’s world-leading experience. It resulted in top tier coverage in the likes of the Metro, Wired, Business Insider and Euronews.

News commentary was also a key activity focus for Doctorlink, the leading triage provider to the NHS. We secured over 100 national pieces of coverage in 12 months by hijacking pieces related to the pandemic.

Educating through thought leadership

A major part of raising your brand’s profile is be perceived as an expert by potential customers, who may or may not choose your services based on what they can learn from you.

With an issue as complex as eye-health, a large proportion of consumers are still uneducated as to how they can minimise the risk to their eyes. In fact, thought leadership content is a great way of educating and building trust with your target audience on any relevant health related subjects.

PHA operate a newsroom mentality and regularly write thought leadership articles to a national standard. We place our client’s insight in top-tier opinion slots, and just this week have secured pieces with Euronews, The Independent and The Mirror.

Top tier profiling

A key tactic to reach the B2B market – and outline the position of the company within its market – is company profiling.

This involves seeking opportunities in key titles for senior company figures to tell their story to profile journalists. Most of these columns/pages exist for founders to outline how they started and grew their firm. But there are also opportunities for other areas of the C-Suite, particularly in sector press.

Slots include BBC CEO Secrets, BBC The Boss and Independent View From The Top.

Case studies

These stories will provide third-party validation of your services and drive awareness by giving tangible examples that readers will relate to.

By targeting national, broadcast, consumer and regional media, it is possible secure interviews and written features that document their experiences to raise the profile of your company.

If you would like to find out more about how a healthcare communications strategy could help your business break through the media landscape get in touch today.

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