Ten minutes with Maxine Laceby, CEO & Founder of Absolute Collagen

Maxine Laceby is the founder and CEO of the award-winning health and beauty brand, Absolute Collagen – one of the UK’s fastest-growing direct to consumer beauty brands.

Absolute Collagen produce powerful marine collagen supplements that fight against the visible signs of ageing and improve the quality of skin, hair and nails. A daily dose of the product can help to promote healthier, younger and more radiant-looking skin, as well as reducing joint pain and muscle degradation, supporting a healthy digestive function and improving liver health.

Maxine was inspired to start Absolute Collagen when she started boiling up her own batches of bone broth from things such as pig trotters and chicken feet. Almost immediately Maxine had a better sense of well-being, her aches and pains disappeared, and her skin looked fresh and radiant.

After extensive research Maxine discovered that it was the collagen in the bone broth that was contributing to how she looked and felt, further research and talks with scientists led to Maxine understanding that hydrolysed marine collagen is the best form of collagen and absolute collagen was born.