Ten minutes with Leo Austin, Senior Adviser to the Conference Board China Centre

Join us this week for another episode of Ten minutes with, where we are joined by entrepreneur and business leader Leo Austin and Head of Consultancy Tim Jotischky.

Leo Austin has spent more than two decades working in China and is one of the few westerners to have run a major Chinese-owned company as the former chairman and CEO of the Jinliufu Spirits Company and Vice President of the Vats Group, China’s largest non-state wine and spirits group.

Leo has completed 12 major investment and restructuring transactions in China and has been named one of China’s 100 most innovative marketers.

Leo now divides his time between the UK and China, working on his own business interests and helping companies develop sales in China. He is Senior Adviser to the Conference Board China Centre, which advises some of the world’s biggest multi-nationals on China’s political economy and consumer markets.

Don’t miss this compelling episode to find out how Leo began his career in China and what he believes the future trade market has in store.