Ten minutes with John Ramsay, Founder and CEO of Shift8*

Join us for another episode of Ten minutes with where this week we welcome John Ramsay, founder of Shift8*. John set up socially responsible company, Shift8* with business partner, Mehdi Bedioui, to change the lives of those living with cognitive challenges, their family and those that care for them. They do this by introducing proven technology and are devoted to its implementation. Everything is based around their core values – Social, Happy, Innovative, Fair and Technical.

John has a very close relationship with dementia, having cared for his father whose own dementia journey started when he was just 12. Working as a corporate lawyer at a Magic Circle firm, John had been searching for something to focus on that had greater personal meaning to him. His eureka moment came after meeting Hester Le Riche at a friend’s wedding. Hester was the creator of The Magic Table and had spent six years conducting research into the importance of games for those with dementia, in collaboration with care homes. On hearing more about what she was doing, John realised it was his chance to make a difference to those on their dementia journey. Following this, he left his job and founded Shift8* in 2016, committed to changing the world by introducing socially responsible and life-changing products to the UK and Ireland.

The Magic Table is a series of interactive light games projected onto a table for people with mid-to-late stage dementia and learning disabilities, encouraging them to instinctively participate with their surroundings to stimulate both physical, cognitive and social activity.

Research is a cornerstone of what Shift8* do and as a social enterprise, they are reinvesting the money they make to further their research, improve their technology and campaign for greater inclusion for those with cognitive challenges.

They chart their success by measuring the moments of happiness they create, believing everyone has the right to play and to lead a fulfilling life.

Since its launch in 2016, Shift8* has grown exponentially, celebrating their 500th installation in April 2019. The Magic Table has been installed in care homes, hospitals, libraries and in a variety of community spaces across the country. As a result, nearly 10,000 people are experiencing moments of happiness every day.