Ten minutes with James Dutton, Founder and CEO of PATCH

James Dutton is a well-known entrepreneur in the global organic healthcare market. As an Australian natural health innovator, James has developed advanced solutions to common health and personal care items on the market, including PATCH strips – the world’s first compostable adhesive strip plaster – which are now available in the UK.

PATCH was born when James’s son, Charlie, suffered an adverse reaction to traditional plasters. Determined to find out why, James soon discovered that 25% of the global population are allergic to plasters as a result of the chemicals hidden within the fabric. As a result, PATCH was created as an effective wound care solution that is not only gentle to the skin but also to the planet. PATCH is dedicated to reducing the environmental footprint caused by traditional first aid items, being the only latex, paraben, sulphate, thimerosal/ merthiolate-free wound care product on the high street.

Find out more about James’ journey and how he came up with this innovative idea.