Ten minutes with Ashley Black, Founder of Ashley Black

Ashley Black is a successful US-based entrepreneur, #1 best-selling author, founder of Fasciology™ and inventor of the FasciaBlaster™ – an innovative holistic health and wellbeing myo-fascial tool that recently launched into the UK.

Ashley developed Fasciology™ after battling her own chronic health issues, which began in her mid-twenties when she went into hospital for a routine procedure and subsequently contracted a serious bone infection. After months of excruciating pain, Ashley was released from the hospital with a prognosis of a life of disability and pain management drugs. Unwilling to accept this fate, Ashley decided to research alternative options.

Through this research Ashley discovered that the structural limitations in her body, that were causing her intense pain, were due to constrictions in the “sheets” of connective tissue – fascia – that connect, penetrate, envelope, and surround every organ, joint, muscle, and system of the body. Based on this discovery, Ashley began to develop a fusion of soft tissue therapy, fascia stretching, body mechanics and core activation techniques to bring a holistic approach to wellness, sports performance and recovery – now known as Fasciology™.

Because her methods were so effective, Ashley began working with local track athletes to improve their sports performance and overall body function. Her techniques soon caught the attention of the world’s elite who came to rely on Ashley to treat their injuries in order to win a playoff season, walk the runway, or film a major production. She has worked with Olympic and professional athletes, Academy, Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning actors, international icons, and supermodels.

Although Black-owned clinics and had hired and trained hundreds of practitioners in Fasciology™ techniques, the number of people she could personally help would always be limited. Therefore, she invented the FasciaBlaster® which is specifically designed to be a self-use tool. Since its initial launch Stateside in 2015, the FasciaBlaster™ has become a national hit across America, with over 1 million blasters sold to date, making it one of the 100 fastest growing companies in the U.S.

Ashley is also a #1 US bestselling author for her book “The Cellulite Myth: it’s not fat, it’s fascia”, the book is based on the FasciaBlaster™ being used to treat the appearance of cellulite, which Ashley discovered is essentially fat pushing up through webbed fascia in the body. And so, by smoothing fascia, users of the FasciaBlaster™ can also smooth out the appearance of cellulite.