Our ones to watch at The National Running Show 2019

Fitness and health experts will be descending on Birmingham this weekend for the UK’s biggest independent running expo, The National Running Show. The award-winning exhibition will play host to over 170 brands from within the fitness industry, whilst over 40 guest speakers including the likes of Paula Radcliffe and Roger Black have been lined up for the two-day event.

We’ve picked out some of our favourite companies that we’re most looking forward to seeing exhibit at The National Running Show.

Active Root

A sports drink like no other. Committed to making and delivering an innovative natural drink. Active Root believe that their sports drink enhances performance through three ways. The pioneering brand believes that by having a balanced stomach enables you to fuel and hydrate more effectively which therefore leads to performing better. Active Root’s unique selling point is that their drink doesn’t contain any chemicals or sweeteners, just natural ingredients. The ginger component used in the drink allows performers who use it will not only ease any joint pain but will also lower cholesterol and aids digestion.

Beet It Sport

Trusted by athletes from all around the globe, the Beet It Sport range delivers a guaranteed dose of dietary nitrate via the concentrated beetroot drink. Universally backed by almost a decade of independent scientific research from over 200 universities. Through the years Beet It has become a vital component for elite athletes’ regime, such as six-time Paralympic champion, David Weir who declared the product as an integral part of his training and couldn’t imagine competing without it.


So, you’re feeling extra smug with yourself after your long run outside in the January cold, but the only problem is that your run was disrupted by continuously having to stop to change the song on your iPhone. Say hello to eGlove, the multi-award-winning touchscreen sport gloves for not only runners, but also cyclists, snowboarders and equestrian riders too. eGlove’s technically superior touchscreen gloves allow you the freedom to use your phone to its full potential whilst allowing hands to stay warm and toasty.


Helping people stay pain and injury free since 1998 with their revolutionary insoles’ molds. Designed by leading podiatrists, Enertar insoles provide the most advanced protection against many impact-related injuries. A claim to fame for the brand, is that their insoles were the only ones that global superstar and fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt used during his career.

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The early morning grind, the gut wrenching runs, the extra effort at the gym, the blood, sweat and tears, that is all you. We're here to support your pursuits and help prevent injuries that'll slow you down from achieving your goals. Designed by leading podiatrists and proven to reduce foot and heel pain for over 91% of people, we can help with a number of injuries and conditions ranging from plantar fasciitis to achilles tendonitis, shin splints, runner's knee and stress fractures, to name a few. To bounce back from an injury or to avoid getting one all together make sure you visit our website. Link in Bio #Enertor #runningshoes #fashionphotography #fashionista #mountaineering #ExtremeSports #GymMotivation #motivational #motivationalquotes #gymmotivation #insoles #sportinsoles #runninginsoles

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Run Mummy Run

An award-winning online women’s running community, with more than 60,000 members. The community helps to inspire women up and down the country to be fit, happy and healthy. They also love to design and create bespoke women’s running kit that strikes the right balance between style, comfort and technical performance. Their aim is to continue empowering women through running and to bring female runners together and motivate one another to reach their running goals.

Here’s a selection of some of the great products that Run Mummy Run have designed in preparation for The National Running Show.

Zone 3

Europe’s leading triathlon and swimwear brand has come along way since a single hot-desk at Loughborough University. Zone 3 has always made sure to put the athlete at the heart of every design and concept whilst also making sure each product is made with laser precision and the highest performance materials possible. Since their inception in 2004 ,the compliments have been non-stop for Zone 3, who in 2018 received a Queens Award for Enterprise and highlights all the great work done by the brand in the last 13 years.

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