The fintech companies to watch at London Blockchain Week 2019

London Blockchain Week is back for its fifth year, where a community of experts and innovators will gather to deliver a festival of events, exhibitions, thought-provoking workshops and, of course, networking opportunities.

Blockchain is quickly becoming universal, mainstream and sector agnostic, revolutionising a variety of industries not least fintech. With that in mind, we’ve taken a look at some of the exciting fintech players set to generate some buzz at LBW this year.


Describe themselves as “the first global vetted token platform on blockchain”, on a mission to address financial inclusion by bringing transparency to and fraud elimination the initial coin offering (ICO) industry.

What does that mean in simple terms? Suprafin is making it easier for individuals and businesses to create a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies – especially if they don’t have the time or expertise to navigate the highly volatile and complex cryptocurrency markets themselves. It’s a robo-advisor for cryptocurrencies – much like Wealthify or Moneyfarm in the stocks & shares investment space, Suprafin is doing something similar for cryptocurrency.

The Suprafin platform helps you create and manage a portfolio of vetted (to avoid scams) cryptocurrencies, tailoring your portfolio based on your preferences and needs. It does all of this through automation, AI algorithms and risk methodologies. You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly on the platform and receive monitoring alerts with buy/sell recommendations.


Founded in 2018 and based in Malta (a recognised leader in the blockchain space), Wyzer is a fintech and software development company disrupting industries through AI and Blockchain technology.

CEO Daniel Grech has a vision that finance should be much more efficient, transparent and, most of all, fair. Daniel views blockchain as more than just technology – he says it’s a “kind of social eutopia”, and he is a big fan of how decentralisation results in more people being better off. He feels that despite economies constantly growing, the gap between the rich and poor is, unfortunately, growing too – and blockchain technology is a perfect way of challenging this gap and empowering the masses.

With this in mind, Wyzer is trying to decentralise the way the finance space works, believing more people around the world should have much easier access to investment products, without having to pay fees or rely on connections or prior knowledge.

Blockchain makes systems much more transparent and, if applied well, can make systems much fairer, so Wyzer wants to bring world-class financial products to everyone, so that as many people as possible can enjoy a more lucrative future (and not just the wealthy). They have a variety of models/products, ranging from KYC to fund tokenisation.

Its smart decentralised applications deliver on its vision to put the world’s most innovative, seamless and cost-effective technologies in the hands of as many people as possible.


Also known as Knabu Crypto, these guys are a blockchain technology company seeking to become a utility bank in the UK.

A utility bank is also known as a clearing bank. Clearing banks have settlement accounts with the Bank of England, and the entire UK payment system settles across these BoE accounts. There are currently only seven of these in the UK; Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds Bank, NatWest, RBS, Ulster Bank and Clearbank. In the last 250 years, there has only been one clearing bank to enter the UK market, and Knabu is looking to break this monopoly and be the first blockchain technology company to do it through a utility.

Knabu is on a mission to bring an operational commercial bank account to crypto companies, without them having to worry about ‘risk’, which is often a stumbling block when opening an account (and is a common reason for them being shut down too). Knabu believes the banking model is outdated, so they are engineering their utility bank to use blockchain technology and build upon decentralised mechanisms that remove inefficiencies.

Federman Capital

Tomer Federman, Founder and CEO of Federman Capital, was so absorbed by and convinced that blockchain technology is going to change the world, that it led him to quit his role driving Strategy and Global Growth at Facebook.

Tomer acknowledges that the crypto market has grown and matured significantly over the past few years but believes “these are still very much early days”. He says he is “convinced significant investment opportunities are emerging…excited to help our clients capture value”.

Federman Capital is an investment firm that focuses on cryptocurrencies, tokens and protocols to create a portfolio for its clients which help to generate excellent returns for investors.

Keep an eye out at LBW for Founder and CEO, Tomer, who will be on the investor panel each day throughout the week.

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