Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Interview adjustments for neurodivergent candidates

This week we are celebrating Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and to highlight PHA’s commitment to creating an inclusive working environment for all, we are sharing some of the adjustments that we can offer neurodivergent candidates to enable them to showcase their skills and suitability for a role to the best of their ability.

Thanks to our external training provider, Lexxic, our Talent and Senior Leadership Teams have received neurodiversity training so that they are best able to support candidates and employees depending on their differing strengths and needs. Therefore, in addition to the below examples, PHA can consider any adjustments outside of those listed, based on the specific requirements of the individual.

To start, our job descriptions are clear and concise and can be altered into a larger font or simpler format upon request. Candidates have the option to hear the job description read out loud to them on a phone call with a member of our Talent team, and can also apply for roles via this format.

Following an initial screening call in which candidates can outline any specific support they require throughout the recruitment process, our Talent team provides detailed preparatory notes so that all candidates know what to expect at every stage of the interview process, from arriving at our offices and the facilities available, to the interviewers’ details and the types of questions that may be asked.

For all roles, we offer both virtual and in-person interviews and can be flexible based on candidates’ needs. For virtual interviews, captions and a recording can be provided, and cameras are not required to be turned on. For in-person interviews, the location, lighting, and number of interviewers in attendance can be adjusted. For all interviews, regardless of the format, a third party can attend in support, timings can be flexible around other commitments, and breaks can be taken throughout.

For interviews that involve a task, PHA can consider providing assistive technology for computer-based assessments, additional time being taken for preparation and/or completion, and alternative ways of responding to a brief.

Throughout the interview process, our Talent team acts as the main point of contact with candidates, and any disclosure of neurodivergent conditions, additional support required, and questions asked can be kept confidential from hiring managers. If successful in securing a role at PHA, all employees are closely supported by our People & Culture team throughout the onboarding, probation, and performance processes, and can discuss any requirements based on neurodivergent conditions whenever they feel comfortable doing so; we recommend at the earliest opportunity for immediate support.

If you would like to discuss the adjustments available in our recruitment process or make any suggestions or improvements, please don’t hesitate to contact Ruby Kite at or 0207 025 1350.

You can read more about our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion commitments on our Open Conversations page, or view our latest vacancies through our careers page careers page.