Spotlight on… The Cyber Security Summit 2017

This year will undoubtedly go down in history as the year cybersecurity really hit the top of agendas around the globe. From WannaCry to countless DDoS attacks, 55 million records were leaked in October 2017 alone. The Cyber Security Summit brings together 450 plus senior business leaders, government policy makers and cyber-security experts from across the board to discuss best practice and practical ways to combat the rise of cyber threat.

In alignment with the UK government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, this year’s theme is focused on taking a holistic national response to secure all technology, data, and networks. Here, we’ve chosen some of the companies attending who are leading the charge in securing our digital future.


A visual documentation platform that holds masses of information in a single place, Ardoq are experts at data protection in enterprise. Their SaaS solution helps organisations around the world understand how their IT and business are co-dependent, centralising knowledge to help teams make decisions with a holistic understanding of the company. At the summit they will share their knowledge on why the new GDPR compliance is a good thing for business and how to reduce risk and increase insight.


Today’s cyber security landscape is drastically different from that of even five years ago, and Performanta is at the forefront of understanding what makes modern security. One of the UK’s leaders in building a holistic and intelligent defence system for enterprises, Performanta will present on how to transform organisations into ones that can stand strong against today’s modern cybersecurity.


The number of online dating sites and applications has increased significantly over the last decade, becoming omnipresent on almost all smart phones. As one of the leading dating-focused social networks, Badoo is an expert in personal data protection and privacy matters. Badoo will share their expertise in how to get data protection right from the start, and will expand on how doing so can deliver real business benefits and competitive advantage.


Digital transformation has made our global landscape unrecognisable, and while it opens up a host of opportunities, it’s also ushering in a new age of cyber threat never before seen, creating a significant cyber exposure gap. The need to manage and measure existing infrastructure to understand and thereby reduce cyber risk is paramount. Pioneers in cyber exposure, Tenable are leading the way on helping the public sector and enterprise recognise this threat to their critical infrastructure, and how to implement the necessary controls to manage it.


The last decade has seen a boom in cryptocurrencies, and the subsequent rush to harness it’s supporting technology, blockchain, across almost every industry. While predominantly positive, there is a dark side to cryptocurrencies. Elliptic identifies illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain, linking millions of Bitcoin addresses to thousands of clear web and dark web entities. With investment and interest in cryptocurrencies showing no sign of slowing, Elliptic will discuss how to understand and address the threat of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as well as how organisations can protect themselves.


One of the leading cyber security companies in the world, Symantec has been helping companies, governments and people secure their most important data, wherever it is held, for over a decade. At this year’s summit, they will discuss the role of technology in keeping data secure and private. Highlighting that bringing data protection and security technology together is the best way to address the requirements needed to become GDPR compliant.


Today we live in a mobile-first world, where smartphones and smart devices and the way we communicate with each other. Pradeo has over a decade experience in mobile-first security strategies and solutions that can withstand the modern cyber attacks we see today. Pradeo will discuss how to protect apps from internal flaws, and the undercover threats that can lie in corporate devices.

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