Self-tanning products to check out for this summer

In an age where we’re all aware of the dangers of sun damage, many of us are switching sunbeds for self-tanning products in a bid to get a summer glow without the damage.

Gone are the days of stained orange bed sheets and the smell of biscuits. Fake tanning brands are becoming more innovative than ever with easy-to-use products that leave us glowing.

From magical drops to moisturising oils, we’ve taken a look at four self-tanning brands and their products to look out for this summer.

Swiss Clinic – Self Tan Drops 15ml

The founders of Swiss Clinic wanted products to fill a gap in the market between over-the-counter cosmetics and expensive clinical treatments – and the answer was in Switzerland. The Swiss Clinic self-tan drops are applied to the face and leave you with a natural-looking, sun-kissed and long-lasting result.

Using self-tanning drops is the new, innovative, fuss-free way to tan, which is why we’re all obsessed! Self-tanning drops are so easy to use on the skin, and can even be added to your favourite moisturiser or SPF, letting you be in control. Want a darker tan? Add more drops.

Amanda Harrington London – The body set, 3 step tanning method

Amanda Harrington is one of the beauty industry’s most respected sunless tanning experts with a personalised approach to tanning. The body set is an innovative 3 step tanning method that comes in 3 different tones, (if you need help choosing, there’s a guide to help you).

The 3 Step Body set contains a gradual tan primer, body mousse, body brush and a pair of latex-free gloves to get you started!

It’s the Big Body Brush that makes this 3 step tanning method different from competitors, a ‘curve-compatible’ tool that works with the natural curves of the body and claims to be essential when buffing your tan into the skin. Once you’ve got your kit, you can follow along to the tutorial video – all questions answered.

Tan Organic – Self-Tan Oil 100ml

Part of the Kind Brand Company, Tan Organic is the world’s first and only eco-certified, organic, self-tan brand that are fighting for healthy skin AND a happy planet. The TanOrganic self-tan oil is a completely natural way to tan safely, and yes, vegan friendly. The tanning oil is quick and hydrating and can even be applied without a tanning mitt!

Packed with lovely ingredients like argan oil, orange peel and aloe vera, the self-tan oil smells divine and fades beautifully without any patchiness. Who knew? A fake tan that is good for you.

Green People – Self-Tan Lotion 150ml

Another brand with an impressive accreditation list is Green People, who are passionate about the conservation of plants and animals on our planet. Their natural fake tan range lets you enjoy a sun-kissed glow all year round and is also paraben-free, so no nasties.

Apply the self-tan lotion straight to your skin, mitt or not, after exfoliating and you will begin to see your tan develop after 3-4 hours. It’s quick-drying and non-greasy, leaving your skin feeling supple.

Ingredients include organic rosehip, geranium and sandalwood, and DHA, which is derived from sugar and gives the appearance of a natural tan.

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