Ten minutes with Daniel Pitchford, co-founder of AI Business

Join us for this week’s episode of Ten minutes with featuring co-founder of AI Business Daniel Pitchford and Celia Jones, Senior Account Manager.

Daniel is a thought leader on the practical applications of artificial intelligence and the transformative effects of this technology on all major industries, from financial services and retail through to manufacturing, agriculture and healthcare.

AI Business is a self-funded start-up established in 2014 that has grown to become the world’s largest AI news platform.

No longer is artificial intelligence the domain of futurists and technologists—it is a reality that every business must face up to today. As AI reaches unprecedented levels of adoption across industries, the conversation around this nascent technology is moving fast.
AI Business also delivers events, including The AI Summit, which brings together over 30,000 attendees representing the largest multinationals across key locations including London, Munich, Hong Kong, Singapore, San Francisco and New York. Daniel is the co-author of the 2017 book ‘AI Transforming Business’ and continues to be inspired by his mechanical engineering degree.

AI business has grown to become the most visited news portal in this space, with an audience of over 40k monthly readers, as well as maintaining the market-leading AI for Business LinkedIn and Facebook groups with a cherry-picked membership list of global business leaders.

To find out more about Daniel and his journey to success listen in on this week’s episode.