Percy & Penny Get Hitched: 5 Brands Piggybacking the Royal Wedding

Royal events are always the perfect excuse for a party, a 2-hour long TV special and a ‘Limited Edition’ version of completely everyday products. Brands jumped right on the Queen’s Jubilee, William and Kate’s nuptials, and every royal baby that followed, and we should expect no less for Harry and Meghan! So, what joys are we to expect this time?

Creating a product around the Royal Wedding is not as easy as it seems, as tight regulations exist around using names and images of the individuals in question. However, some of best of the bunch have cleverly circumvented these restrictions and come out with some Royal corkers. In first place…

1. Percy and Penny: These lovable, and delicious, little piggies have skipped the market and gone straight to the chapel! M&S released this clever stunt a few weeks ago, with the nations favourite porkers beating Harry and Meghan to the altar. With the hashtag #PercyGetsMarried, this was the perfect way for this household name to capitalise on the event both online and in-store.

2. Ginger and Sparkle: The ever-cheeky crisp brand, Tyrrells, has released the oh-so-elusively named ‘Ginger & Sparkle’ parsnip crisps. A celebration of the Royal affair, these crisps are perfectly on brand for them, a re-packaged and revamped offering of their already very successful product. This perfect ‘Limited Edition’ crisp is flavoured with a hint of ginger, sweet honey and edible glitter for that famous Markle sparkle.

3. Gü-ing, Gü-ing, Gone: Faithful British pud brand, Gü, is giving everyone a taste of the Royal Wedding with a replica of their chosen cake! Since the official flavour was released, lemon and elderflower, several brands have come out with their takes. From lemon and elderflower gins to specialised sorbets, the marketplace is crammed full of these very English flavours. Gü has stuck to what they do best and whipped up a ‘Royal Wedding Edition’ cheesecake…which dare I say it, may sound nicer than the cake itself.

4. Local Liquor:

A local brewery, Windsor and Eaton Brewery to be precise, has marked the special occasion with a delightful sounding pale ale. The ‘Windsor Knot’ combines American hops and Champagne yeast to create a ‘perfect marriage of ingredients’ for ale-lovers far and wide to enjoy. It even has front row seats, being brewed within sight of Windsor castle.

5. Newlywed Gingerbread: Luxury biscuit brand, the Biscuiteers, have come out with a suitably cheerful looking pair of Gingerbread people, which frankly bear an uncanny likeness! For just £12 you can indulge in ‘the Royal couple jolly gingers’ – dunking Harry in your tea and lowly dismembering the future Princess. Well, at least it’s less weird than the Harry and Meghan themed condoms…

Whatever your choice, make sure you revel in the ingenuity of modern brands and their ability to piggyback every Royal event. A clever exercise in brand personality, and good packaging design, these many products are possibly my favourite feature of the whole merry thing. Any excuse to try new foods eh!

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