Organisations leading the fight against fuel poverty

As wholesale energy prices have soared to record levels, the UK government has recently announced a 12% increase to the energy price cap leading to rising energy bills for households across the country, a move that will plunge many families in to fuel poverty.

Having faced nearly two years of financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic, many households will already be feeling the pinch and these latest changes could have a drastic impact on more than 4 million homes across the UK. Many of these people will also be suffering from the government’s proposed reductions to Universal Credit as well as potential rises to Council Tax.

These changes are set to have dire consequences for many and that’s before the energy cap is reviewed again in April when it is expected to increase further, with some sources anticipating rises of nearly £500. We shine a spotlight on some of the organisations leading the fight against fuel poverty.

National Energy Action:
Founded nearly 40 years ago in the North-East, National Energy Action have been campaigning for decades to support people living in cold and unhealthy homes.

Working across the UK, the organisation’s mission is to put an end to fuel poverty. Supporting households and communities through providing vital advice on how to keep their homes warm, the business also publish advice, research and insights such as these shocking statistics published in March showing that 10,000 deaths per year are linked to living in improperly heated homes.

In 2019-20 the organisation provided support to over 1 million people including helping over 1300 clients access more than £5m welfare benefits as well as working with nearly 650 schoolchildren as part of their ongoing education programme.

Energy Saving Trust:
Taking a holistic view of the energy industry, Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation that is supporting the transition towards a smarter energy system. Founded with a view to solely tackling cold homes and the challenges they present, the organisation has since evolved in order to support the transition towards a more renewable energy mix and away from fossil fuels.

Providing advice to householders, governments and businesses, the organisation specialise in helping customers save energy, ultimately helping to reduce fuel poverty, lower bills and drive growth in renewables. Energy Saving Trust is a leading authority on energy efficiency, something that will become more important than ever as prices rises and we head towards the colder months of the year.

Arguably the UK’s market leader when it comes to prepaid energy, Utilita is the only supplier in the UK to specialise in PAYG Smart Energy. Founded by CEO Bill Bullen in 2003, the business was launched to take on the big six and provide consumers with a better and fairer deal.

Utilita’s flexible solutions including their industry-leading smart tariff mean that a significant proportion of the 800,000 customers they look after will fall in to the category of those who may be impacted by the upcoming legislative changes. Since installing the UK’s very first Smart Meter back in 2008 the business has been working tirelessly to support their customers across the country and the coming months are sure to present some of the biggest challenges yet.

Unlike the other organisations mentioned in this article, Turn2Us are not purely energy specialists. A national charity helping people who are facing various forms of financial hardship across the UK, the charity provide support, advice and grants to people who are struggling financially.

The organisation offer a range of solutions for people facing a large variety of challenges. These span from COVID related illnesses through to those in work but on low incomes. Providing tools that enable users to search what benefits they may be available for as well as direct grant schemes, there are a range of options that cater for people with varying levels of need. With changes to the energy price cap, universal credit and council tax all expected over the coming months, Turn2Us’ vital services will be needed more than ever.

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