How Med Tech CEO’s can evolve their personal brand.

In the beginning. The evolution of a Med Tech company.

Often Med Tech companies are founded on the back of new advances in technology. These spin-offs are usually born out of institutional research through the collaboration of scientists. They are then thrust into the spotlight, and required to ensure their product delivers both commercially and actually.

In this sector, the spotlight can quite quickly become an interrogation lamp and those who now find themselves as a Med Tech CEO must adapt quickly.

Therefore, a strong personal brand, that can be built through an opinion on trending topics, thought leadership and individuality can provide an edge when seeking new customers. In addition, it can also position you well with investors, peers and the general public.

Nowhere is it more important than in the Med Tech sector.

With patient safety the priority, stakeholders need assurance that the products are fit for their purpose. This is where marketing departments can leverage their CEOs personal brand to build authority and trust in the company.

In today’s article, we take a look at how Med Tech CEOs can embrace their new role and build their brand to help deliver both their objectives and that of the companies.

Scientist to Thought leader.

Building a personal brand is about portraying the values and characteristics that you want to convey. It is also about showing authority and expertise in your area. This is particularly important for those scientists who are quickly being positioned as thought leaders. Examples include Dr Jordi Martorell, Co-Founder and CEO of Aortyx, who combines his role as CEO with a role at IQS Barcelona and Michalis Papadakis, who founded company Brainomix whilst a professor at Oxford University. Both of whom fashioned careers in science and education before becoming Med Tech CEOs.

In the Med Tech space, CEOs are often the first to come under scrutiny if a product fails. Therefore, being a strong communicator with excellent credibility can do wonders for your brand. This allows you to embed yourself with different stakeholders and explain the science to those who might struggle to understand it. Furthermore, credibility is a big plus when you are entering bidding discussions for fundraising.

In a recent article, we provided insights on how to build your brand. This article discussed how being vocal in the media can help provide a separate more trusting voice for your business. Vital when launching new products in the space. In addition, it went on to look at other tactics including profiling, interviews and social media.

The benefits of having a strong personal brand.

When you get your branding right, you are more accessible and visible to your audience. This can help drive further awareness of your company and products. Furthermore, as you grow your presence online, you will begin to build a network of valuable individuals. This could include potential future customers.

Although the online benefits of personal branding are clear. They are not exclusive. Having a strong personal brand will make you more recognisable offline, which could result in invites to speak at trade shows and conferences.

Steps to take to improve your brand.

When thinking about building or evolving your brand, it is usually a good idea to take an initial step back and analyse where your brand is currently. This could involve looking through all of your communication platforms (including social accounts like LinkedIn and Twitter) and getting tog

Next, like any business, you should think about your objectives and goals. This could be something like generating more interest from investors or increasing your speaking engagements.

Only once you have completed your brand review and highlighted your goals should you begin to map out your content marketing strategy. Using the various platforms at your disposal you should create a consistent plan that encompasses content creation, social media posting and consumer engagement.

The more free, quality and trustworthy information you put out, the more followers you’ll get, and the easier it will be to build your authority and influence.

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