Wellbeing in the Workplace

In recent years, there has been a real surge in positive attitudes around wellbeing workplace initiatives, however, many companies are sometimes slow to implement them. Understanding the benefits and identifying why it is important to have wellbeing initiatives for your employees could be the edge that your agency, business or organisation needs.

Large companies often introduce expensive wellness initiatives that many businesses would be able to feasibly introduce, but are there benefits for smaller SME companies too? And can it improve their workforce instead of having to provide free meals for all or sleeping pods for your workforce?

The answer is yes.

Research has shown that there are many reasons why workplace wellness provides benefits for not only the employee but employer as well. Of course, it is hard to calculate the monetary value, but you can measure the gains by your team’s performance, general wellbeing and an all-round happier workforce. At The PHA Group we strive to implement employee wellness initiatives that our staff are truly going to benefit from, and as a result will improve their wellness.

Here are just some of our ideas we’d like to share with you.

Development Days

It is important that employees have time to consider how they wish to develop their future and invest time in activities that might help them not only professionally but personally as well.  At The PHA Group we offer all our staff the opportunity to take a development day to pursue areas of personal and professional interest that are likely to have a positive and tangible effect upon their development. The development day can fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Volunteering
  2. Charitable initiatives
  3. Educational courses
  4. Helping the community

Health Cashback Plan

Attending dental appointments, buying prescriptions and the need for physio or sports treatments can be pricey. Our free health cashback scheme allows employees to claim back these expenses at no extra cost and benefit from different services.

Office Fruit Delivery

Who doesn’t like free food? The “Great Fruit Experiment” from fruit delivery service Fruitful Office found an 11% increase in staff agreeing that their workplace “enabled them to work more productively” following the introduction of fruit to the workplace.

Wednesday Wellness

Our Wednesday Wellness sessions have been a real hit. With more than 60 members of the agency benefitting from a masseuse who came into the office, and every team taking part in chair yoga sessions to help improve their posture while sitting in an office chair to setting up a Mindful Lunch club where friends and colleagues can enjoy food together and open the conversation about mental wellbeing in a safe space.

Recognition and Reward

Never underestimate the importance of rewarding your loyal employees. Whether it is a simple ‘thank you’ in person, in a team meeting or at a group event, people need to feel valued. At The PHA Group, we host monthly awards to celebrate not only the great work and coverage our teams have achieved for clients, but also promotions and new starters to make sure we welcome people into our team. There is also a Cupcake Award which is given to someone who is nominated by employees just to say thanks for going the extra mile. Who doesn’t like cake right?

Wellbeing Instigator Programme

A focus for us for 2019 is to uncover new ways to enhance employee wellbeing in our office environment. As a result, we have pulled together a team of ‘Wellbeing Instigators’ who meet fortnightly to discuss new initiatives we could look to implement across the agency. Whether that be chair yoga classes, joining the PHA football and netball teams, keeping our environment tidy or common issues around the office, this group aim to improve the wellbeing of our employees while they are at work.

If you’re interested in a new career or want to make your next step change in PR check out our careers page for all our latest opportunities. And if you have a wellness initiative that works particularly well for you please do let us know, we are always looking for ways to improve.

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