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Digital PR brings together a strategically planned activity of web-based methods, tools and channels to drive greater online presence and visibility. Simply put, it supports everything from SEO to content, social media and traditional PR.

With the whole world more digitally connected than ever before, ensuring a presence online that is highly visible to your target audience should be a fundamental priority for brands.

Some of the potential touchpoints include google SERPS, social media platforms, podcasts, blogs, review sites as well as other online content publications which attract an audience.

The key elements of digital PR.

Working hand in hand with SEO, social media and traditional PR. A well thought through Digital PR strategy can be used to improve your expertise, authority and trust across your brand digital landscape and if performed correctly, can weave itself into the consumption of media by your target audiences.

In addition, tactical campaigns which produce quantity over quality can help build your relevancy for the publications that new and existing audiences engage with. Giving you more digital brand presence and improving your visibility.

What does good digital PR look like?

One of the first things we ask our clients is “what does good look like for you?”

Whilst many metrics can be used to quantify the success of a Digital PR campaign. Understanding which of these metrics to benchmark performance again should be one of the first

For example, gaining coverage from relevant publications which target a specific audience can suggest a successful campaign. However, it is important to remember that the term “relevant” can be interpreted very differently from business to business and sector to sector.

Sometimes it may be important to rank the publications that most appear to your audience, and therefore getting coverage in those higher up the rankings may be perceived as better performance.

You also can’t mention Digital PR without mentioning Google and how your coverage is seen by the UK’s number 1 search engine remains paramount.

Ultimately, great digital PR transcends across all platforms. Whilst you need to think about how your content lands, you would expect an increase in social awareness, increased relatability and

How to create a good Digital PR strategy?

Firstly, begin by fully understanding how your audience interacts with the various platforms. This will allow you to tailor your messaging and creativity based on how your audience absorbed the information.

Furthermore, utilising data from SEO and relevant audience insight tools will help you steer your ideation sessions, ensuring you fully understand what the piece is trying to achieve and who would enjoy the messaging the most. This allows you to shape the fact that each goal carries one key message that is adopted across the various objectives it is trying to achieve.

Finally, build your editorial roadmap. This should include a list of key messages, outreach contacts, dates for the release and any other relevant communications required.

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